What's the easiest thing for you as an artist? ✨

Since we have a thread discussing what you struggle with most as an artist where you can discuss all your weaknesses, we should also have one where we can discuss all our strengths, so here it is! :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

So what’s the easiest thing for you as an artist?
How did you discover that you’re good at it?
And do you still work on improving it? :eyes::sparkles:


The easiest thing for me as an “artist” is to procrastinate :smile:

Probably to sketch


Search the basic outline

The easiest thing is probably coloring and shading. Yeah, it takes a lot of time, but it’s fun!

I still work on improving it, though I should probably work on the lineart more.

Exporting the image into a jpg :rofl:


The eyes are pretty easy

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BAHAHAHA! Totally agree.


Hair shading for me <33
One of the main things I enjoy looking at in others is their hair so I’ve tried to focus perfecting my art style to show hair being my main attraction i guess?
I’ve just always had a love for drawing hair no matter how bad or good it looked :sweat_smile:

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Colouring the eyes and shading the hair. Ah… hair shading is therapeutic in a kind of way. But the hair shading doesn’t match the shading of the skin most of the time.

I mean, I didn’t know how to shade hair and tutorials didn’t work for me, so… I experimented and started liking how I do it!

It is good to improve, but I should mainly focus on improving the shading of the skin, 'cause I suck at it.


Get angry because I can’t draw the other eye?

I mean, yes, the eyes and the color :3

There’s not really anything that is easier than everything else with art for me. I struggle with most of it… but if I had to pick the easiest part, maybe coloring? I usually do decently with getting the colors I want and coloring within lines and such.

shading and highlights tbh :eyes:

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and I’m hardly an “artist”

I’m just a girl who likes to do art sometimes

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coloring something is pretty easy, since it’s just about working with the already existing lines and picking colors that work well together

not including shading in that, though


I guess the “easiest” thing for me is adding details. It’s fun to do and there’s always something to play around with.

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Can you guess what I’m going to say? That’s right: Procastrinating! :rofl:

It depends on what I’m drawing.

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