What's the hardest game you've ever played?

A few years ago, I tried playing Halo Reach, but I found it extremely complicated. I thought I was killing an enemy but I was actually killing the friend I was playing with. :joy: :joy: I never figured out how to play that game.

  • What’s the hardest video / mobile game you’ve ever played?
  • Did you get better at it later, or did you give up on it because it was too complicated?

John Quinones stimulator :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Wby @idiot.exe @E_bee


door simulator 3600


Calculator :pensive:


Hmm this is quiet hard to thing about :thinking:

Action: Dark Souls

The semi clunky controls make the already hard game very hard. Though it is also a game that I always come back to cause it is the challenge that makes it fun. It is a game that really is about hitting your head against a brick wall until your finally realise there is a door in the wall or you break the wall.

Where you are rewarded for picking out the little things about enemies and mastering their combo’s and move sets.

Grand Strategy: Hearts of Iron IV

Who knew waging war was so bloody difficult. HoI takes a more hands off approach to grand war games, instead of having the player in the battler or controlling squads and soldiers you control armies. This means you need to thing about Supplies, Logistics and productions. There are so many small things that if you forget to manage they will ruin your day.

Not only that you can live out your fantasy of turning the German Reich into the Democratic Hub of the world.

MMO: Final Fantasy XIV*

This is a hard one, most MMO’s are hardest in their own way. TOR probably is the hardest Solo Play whilst WoW Definitely has the hardest PvP. But all in all I think FFXIV has the hardest MMO part, the end game content, and that is not including the Extreme challenges for the real dedicated ones.

Fighting: Dead or Alive 4

No contest, even the Devs admired the final boss is designed to be unfair and uses every cheat they could give it.


Pac-Man :confounded:



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