What's the most embarrassing piece of clothing you own?

Trying to think if I own any embarrassing clothes…

I used to have this stretchy knit jumpsuit… it was blue with little white flowers on it. I thought it was cute, and I wore it to work one day when we didn’t have to wear a uniform.
And during lunch, this first grader yelled, “HEY, EVERYONE! THE TEACHER’S WEARING PAJAMAS!” Pointing to me and laughing.

Later I realized it kind of did look like pajamas… I still wore it around the house sometimes, but recently I gave it to my mom because she really likes it.

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Oops, lol

This piece of clothing isn’t embarrassing, I love it, but my mom and sister hate it. It’s the only piece of rainbow clothing I own, and a friend gave it to me. I can show a picture, if asked.

just about every clothing item i have.

Has to be worn under a tank top because it’s really short.

My old floral-patterened shorts…

To be completely honest, I’m embarrassed of most of the clothes I bought before 2017! I have a lot of crop tops with some kind of text and I don’t like that now :persevere:

Added #embarrassing :innocent:

I have a pair of shorts that are sheer :eyes: I didn’t realize they were see-through until I started wearing them :sob: Anywayyyy, that’s an embarrassing story for another time.

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Almost everything-
Thats why i dont go out of the house anymore :star_struck:
I really need to get more outfits tho

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