What's the most fun part about writing?

Writing sometimes seems very serious and difficult, but I’m sure everybody has something that they really think is a lot of fun when writing!

So, what’s the most fun part about writing for you? :smiley_cat:


Dear Amy,

I am currently typing this with my toes, because my arms are too rotted to type. This began several months ago, after I was in a car accident from which I didn’t survive. All the doctors said I was fine, save a couple broken bones, but I disagree. I know I died in that accident. The doctors tried to give me medication for pain, but I told them there was no point. My brain was dead, therefore I didn’t feel any pain. They also tried to get me to eat and drink, but I refused, due to the fact that my stomach had rotted. The doctors started to get really worried, and I didn’t know why. I’m dead. It’s as simple as that. I have no clue how I’m talking, breathing and typing with no brain, but I really don’t care. I’m slowly rotting, and that’s all there is to it. Oh, another thing. The smell is unbearable. Others ask what I’m talking about, but I don’t know how they can’t smell it. I smell like roadkill, and I have no clue how no one else smells it. It’s everywhere. Even worse, no one will listen to me when I ask them to take me to the morgue. Since I can’t drive, I’ve taken to walking to the cemetery a couple miles from my house and sitting under a tree near a cluster of headstones. I need your advice. How can I explain to people that I’m no longer alive?


Confused Corpse

This was really fun to write.


That we can imagine a fictional world and make it come to life through our words :grinning:


The characters, even though I pretty much abandon most of them :frog:


Everything, actually, except for actually having to write it all :pensive: mainly I get hyped up because I can express and share my fantasies (sorry for being so repetitive lmao) and I can act like a god and control people, make literally a whole universe :star_struck:


Planning out a plot that will shock or confuse your readers.

What your favourite part, @liyahsdiamond?

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