What's the most unrealistic story idea you've ever heard of?

There are a lot of people out there who don’t seem to understand what plot holes or unrealistic things are, so their story ideas can be quite unrealistic :eyes::eyes:

So what’s the most unrealistic story idea you’ve heard of?
Do you think that an unrealistic story can still be successful?


High school makeovers. Going from being invisible to the talk of the school is not realistic at all. There’s like over 1,000 students that attend there and I bet you irl that only a few amount of teens will actually know who you are. I know because I go to high school. And then the goal is to steal the mean girl’s jock boyfriend because he all of a sudden likes you now.


The mafia stories, where the MC falls in love with the handsome, hot mafia bad boi. First of all, not every mafia man is a handsome, hot bad boi (realistically speaking) and the fact that the MC doesn’t run to the police or any other authorities to rat the mafia out and instead, accepts his “dominantly evil yet attractive” nature as “one of the things which make him beautifully flawed” just makes me mad.

In this one story, the mafia guy literally killed the MC’s parents because they couldn’t repay the debt and the MC still fell in love with him because “love is blind”. I still feel so bad for the poor parents :pensive::broken_heart:


Omg also the mafia isnt all like living luxury lives and are handsome dudes smh
And it can be a sensitive topic to some but episode authors be like

if you really wanna write about mafia then please do some research about them and like-
Potray them realistically


Yes yes still jealous of trey boly to this day, he has such big mansions and awesome cars and good looks like PARFECT GUY MARY SUE OKOKOK :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::pensive:


real mafia leaders are ugly @rse 50 year olds who are probably homeless :star_struck:


Any kind of glorification of the mafia or a gang is unrealistic to me, especially since in real life, gangs and mafias bring nothing but misery and all these stories do is show them as having “attractive” bosses and some misty eyed view of something which is actually really dangerous to be involved in. Especially if part of the story involves the MC getting kidnapped by the love interest like, no, in real life if you were kidnapped then, in the case you were found, the kidnapper would be arrested and you’d probably need to have some psychiatric evaluation where you find you probably have some severe trauma. (Let’s not romantisize stockholm syndrome).

Also any story where the MC can walk and intensely fight straight after being in a long coma hahaha nono sis you’re muscles are sooo atrophied (Idk the spelling) you’re gonna need some physio therapy before you even consider leaving hospital :slightly_smiling_face:

I could go on all day about ideas in stories that are unrealistic but I’ll leave it there.


I’m sure there are many unrealistic story ideas out there, right? @Writers What’s the most unrealistic one you’ve ever heard of?


Sorta this.

I once told someone an idea had for a story.

It was some concoction of Young Justice, Avengers and Avatar.

I had that person tell me that the exact story i told them was not mine but written by someone else. Not because of me mentioning the avengers, just the plot in general.

I started making up some crazy stuff about names and weird creatures ect.

This person told me it was 100% not my story, totally written by someone else.

On that note

The one story about someone meeting obama and talking about passionfruit with them seemed pretty unrealistic.


Probably falling in love with your boss who’s a dck or btch to the MC and employees. Like, I don’t get it. Stories like Troublesome Mr. Wayne and Two Weeks Notice on Episode make no sense to me. Trying to sense your employee being attracted to you (by pinning them against the wall) sounds like harassment to me.


FRRRR high schools can have up to around 2 - 4k students
:skull: most of them are not going to know
and they’re only going to know you if you went to the same middle and elementary school with them


Battle Royale with Old Ladies.

Who even wants to see that?

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I want to say the plot of Elite (the Spanish TV show). They stretched that on too long and everyone is losing interest now.


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