What's the worst crime you've seen in anime/manga?


There is so much I’ve seen tbh I’ve watched anime’s about how children get sold to be eaten (Promised Neverland) just some wack stuff lol.

What are some crimes you’ve seen occur in an anime or manga that just made you feel weird because it was so bad?


They whaaa?!

That’s a good one. I think what Light did to Ray Pember’s fiancé in Death Note was pretty terrible. Most of what he did was terrible, though.

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Yep. Medusa from Soul Eater committed child abuse.

That father in fullmetal alchemist.

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Kind of a spoiler so I’ll blur it.

Eren Jaeger’s genocide in Attack on Titan (manga, yet to be seen on the anime)

Shou…god…I’d say Shigaraki and the League of Villains attacking class 1A in the arena thing.

Nina and Alexander

Tis all I need say

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Oof. I spoiled that by accident and almost threw my phone across the room.

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Let me just say…a guy turning his daughter into bullets. @anon68003072 gets it.

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Mmhmm. They’re rescuing her now, though. Episode 74.

Her rescue is one of my favourite moments in anime

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I’m excited then. I’m thinking of watching Tokyo Ghoul next.

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Oo honestly if you can I suggest watching Jujutsu Kaisen

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Children being eaten. All I’ll say on the matter.

Big spoiler for the New Higurashi

Putting your child friend through a looping torture of seeing her friends get killed and being killed over and over again after she escaped 100 years of that exact thing all just because THEY WERE UPSET AT HER LEAVING THEIR HOMETOWN XD not to mention the horrid manipulation

What Eren Jaeger did in Attack on Titans

Dio Brando’s entire existence in Jojo (how can I forget him forcing a woman to eat her own child as a zombie?)

The whole scheme Alois and Hannah pulled in season 2 of Black Butler Ciel became a demon and Sebastian couldn’t consume his soul due to that

Torture. Centipede. White hair. That’s all I’ll say.

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Ok. I think it’s on Funimation.