What's your deal breaker?

Hey there, I’m Pandamonium! :panda_face: :heart:

~ Smoking?

~ Drinking?

~ Differences in religious beliefs?

For some, these may be considered deal breakers. A deal breaker is an issue or problem that cannot be resolved, and eventually leads to someone withdrawing from a relationship.

I’d love to hear about what your deal breakers are in regards to romantic relationships and friendships. No deal breaker is too little or too big to speak on! The first two to pop into my mind are:

• Friendships: Being seen as a “back-up friend” is an absolute deal breaker for me. I am not here to entertain you only because your “main” friends are busy.

• Romantic relationships: Being cheated on. If I can’t trust you, I can’t be with you. Simple as that.


Well, I’m an atheist, so someone who’s too religious or trying to convert me

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I’m also pansexual, so no homophobia

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Totally understandable. I believe everyone’s religious beliefs (or lack thereof) is completely up to them to discover. No one has the right to push any kind of opinions or beliefs onto someone else.

Thank you

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Any kind of bigotry and I’d have to bounce. :v:

Of course. Thank you for sharing! :heart:

Romantic relationships:

  • Smoking (Because I don’t), drinking (unless it’s every once in awhile but without getting drunk and embarrassing himself), and drugs. No.

  • Bad hygiene

  • Totally different values BUT ESPECIALLY not respecting mine

  • Insulting me, putting me down

  • CHEATING 100%, get away from me!!!

  • Religious beliefs---- for me it’s important that we share this

  • Not wanting to get married or have kids, because this is something that I do want, so a relationship will not work out if his life goals conflict with mine.

  • Racists

  • Violence. I refuse to be with someone who will physically hurt me or anyone when angry.


  • Talking trash about me with other friends.
  • Telling me to “get over it” or being insensitive when I’m telling them my problems.
  • Betraying me
  • Only being my friend when we’re alone but acting like you don’t know me when their other friends are around
  • Trying to force me to do things that I don’t like or that go against my values

Racism and homophobia are automatic deal breakers, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

I can be friends with someone who smokes, but I would not have a romantic relationship with someone who smokes, would not like to live with someone who smokes, and would not be friends with someone who smoked around me even when I wasn’t okay with it.


@passionfruit, I agree 100%. I’ve lived around people who smoke cigarettes my entire life, and I absolutely loathe the smell. :face_vomiting: You’ve stated that you wouldn’t have a romantic relationship with a smoker, but what if your preexisting partner began smoking cigarettes? Would that be a big enough factor to cancel the relationship?

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Liars, cheaters, racists/homophobes , violence.
Those are my only deal breakers
I don’t mind alcohol (even encouraged) , smoking, tbh I don’t mind even hardcore drugs as long as you’re a good person.

  • Any type of -ism or -phobia. Fucc you if you can’t other people.

  • A dude :joy: I’m bisexual but so few men are ok enough for me to date I’m questioning my sexuality

  • Smoking/doing drugs. I don’t do sh1t like that, and it may be selfish, but I don’t want my partner to be doing drugs. It’s such a turn off :face_vomiting:

  • Cheating on me. Communication/trust are key in a relationship. If you cheat, you are squashing communication and breaking someone’s trust and their heart.

  • Sexual assault. I would go in more detail but not interested in getting flagged for being too sexual :cowboy_hat_face: I’ll save that for the restricted section.

  • Being a d*ck in general. Have some level of human decency.

  • Bad hygiene :face_vomiting: At least shower every other day or wear deodorant or something. Lacking personal care is a sign you’ll lack care for me.


if they wouldn’t stop, definitely

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I like to believe there are things that could be deal breakers for me but I tolerate everything and never speak up when something is really bothering me or I don’t agree with it. Not good but oh well.

Of course, I would never keep dating someone that cheated on me or is abusive.


In romantic relationships pretty much just standard stuff like don’t cheat or anything bad like that.

Alot of it goes hand in hand with frienship dealbreakers for me anyway.

  • Racism/sexism/homophobia or general a**holery

  • Ultimatums (it’s like a peak level of manipulation that I will never rise to)

  • Manipulation or any kind of controlling behaviours

  • Betraying my trust

  • Now I don’t care about people who talk about me behind my back like whatever we all need to vent sometimes…just don’t get caught.


Romantic relationships and friendships:

  • toxic/controlling jealousy
  • telling me what to wear
  • telling me who to talk to
  • basically anything along the lines of controlling behaviors
  • lack of respect for my own space
  • very anti-feminist (like the belief of gender roles pressed upon other people)
  • a trump supporter
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Hahahahaha love that

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Someone that takes you for granted and plays with your feelings :clap:t5:




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