What's Your Favorite Scene From Your Story?

So uhh, Wattpad is a good place to put stories on. I think a lot of us have stories on there. If you have written on Wattpad and published a story- whats your favorite scene from your story and why?
My favorite scene from my Wattpad story is probably the ending scene on the first chapter where I describe a fork clattering onto the table or something. I just love that chapter as opposed to the rest of the story lol. I love the story, but I put a ton of work into that first chapter and learned a lot from it. It’s weird, it’s good and I think I ended it well.


I have an idea for a manga I wanna make when I’m a bit older and living by myself, but it basically goes like this…

Character Info:

Shizue is a tree yokai that can turn human. She is a bit emotionless.

Kappa Yokai

The enemy in this battle, she likes to play victim.

Shizue: There you are, Kappa.

Shizue: We have come here to prevent you from harrasing and drowing humans.

Kappa: But, I would never do anything like that! pouts and does a cute pose

Shizue: Stop acting like a victim. You aren’t cute nor convincing, you just look like an idiot.

Kappa: *shocked


My favorite scene that I’ve written would probably be the introduction to my story, just because I spent the most time on it and worked to make sure that it worked well. I thought it set up the characters and worked hard to make sure the dialogue worked well. I’m sure it’s terrible though, so I’m not gonna check and see how it holds up.

  • What’s your favorite scene in your story?
  • What scene was the most fun to write?



Can it be from an RP?


I have too many favorite scenes lol but one of my favorites is when my two main characters go on a date and it’s disrupted by the female character’s colleague who stalked her social media to find out where she was. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So far, one of the fun scenes I loved writing was when my main character, Sandra, snipes back at her annoying, nosy neighbor! :joy:


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Right now? Well my favorite one so far is the scene in The One, where it goes into a flashback in Episode 4 with Christina/Christian, Kayla and their mom. But I won’t spoil it as it isn’t out.

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I like writing the climax and the plot twist that make people surprised and want to read more about the story

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yes :eyes:

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Okay, well, my favourite would definitely be a scene with Jay back on the Regency RP on EF. Her character, Aliana, and my character, Andrew, got into a massive altercation in her family’s carriage when she was leaving Mass.


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Hmm… let me think…

  • I love scene between the two gay men in my Tapas story, Risqué Whispers.
  • I love Mia conversations in The Bachelor(ette) SG
  • I loved writing Roxanne’s death and the scenes with Felix and Derek in Adventure Story SG
  • I loved writing the scene between Bella and Devon in the Love Island SG

What about you, @WolfGamerGirl37?

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Let’s see, in There’s No Accounting for Taste…

  • The scene in the first episode where Eduardo is about to sing at the wedding, but his sister and Andre cut him off and put on another song, and then he goes to eat something and meets Ellie.
  • The welcome party
  • When Ellie and her brothers go out for fro-yo, and Stinkfoot Steve comes up to their table

And many others.

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HAHAHAHA! That sounds hilarious!

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In Deadly Nightshade, where Vincent stands up to Angelina and slaps the taste outta her mouth

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Just one? I don’t think I can choose one :sweat_smile: Especially the third part has so many scenes that I really really like. Maybe my favourite could be the one where the MC sits down with the LI and finally talk about their feelings :smile_cat:

@Writers What’s your favourite scene from your story?

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I have a few:

Jieun’s fight with Rosemary
The bonus scene in episode 7
The gala
The courtroom scene in episode 6 when Vincent goes off on Angelina

When my protagonist gets drunk and sings I Want It That Way whilst the love interests gets her home, safely. I laughed way too hard at that scene.

Also, when Tyrion the cat started talking, he is the 18+ version of Salem.

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I have quite a few from my current story, Wrapped Around Your Finger:

  • When Miles makes the Why I Hate Roaches video
  • When Emilia tries to guess the name of ‘Mr. Red Hot Takes’, and goes through a bunch of random names
  • At the music festival, when Emilia gets up on stage to sing ‘Broken Mirror’ with Tiny Payne (who is my very own version of Lil’ Wayne, and the song was inspired by his song, Mirror)
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What are some of your favourite scenes, @Writers?

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In the later parts of Deadly Nightshade:

  • Monica Park showing up to the gala and crashing it with Joseph and her husband Stephan
  • Monica standing up for Esther in episode 9
  • Vincent’s breakdown in episode 10, leading to one of his best moments in the entire story
  • Blair sending Daniel, Rosemary’s secretary to Hell in episode 12
  • Jieun beating up the bad guys and saving HERSELF after she got kidnapped in episode 11! Top 5 moments within the story for me, personally!
  • Helena getting exposed by Esther, Monica, Stephan, and Monica’s secretary Hyejin!
  • The fashion show in episode 12. I loved designing the outfits!
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