What's your favourite app to listen to music?

There are many different apps out there for listening to music. What’s your favourite app to listen to music with?

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Youtube! And Spotify but I usually go to YT first

I use spotify!



Spotify, tho the ads are annoying!

Spotify, pandora and YouTube

But I used pandora for music during my shower.



Spotify and YouTube (for music unable on Spotify)

Spotify for sure, YouTube is rad if you want to see the music video as well, but otherwise Spotify is much more convenient in my opinion

Youtube and the Samsung Music app :sweat_smile:

@Music What about you?

Spotify and on my record player!

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Mine is apple music

It’s what I’ve always used (I’m a creature of habit) and my mom pays for it, so that’s a plus

For music I just use YouTube!
though, I don’t use the YouTube app, I just open YouTube through safari on my phone