What's your most unrealistic dream job?

I like to think that people can’t have an unrealistic dream job because if you try and give your best, if you do what you love you never know how things might turn out for you… But being a famous film director does sound… A bit unrealistic. At least where I live so I’m gonna go with that! That has always been one of my biggest dreams and I do regret not going in that direction but I am happy with what I’m doing now!

  • What’s your most unrealistic dream job?
  • Why do you think it’s unrealistic?

Being a suger baby because I will most likely catch feelings and stop wanting money :no_good_woman:t3:

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Or a poet, I can’t write poetry to save my life.

Being a famous author lmao. It’s not that I think I wouldn’t be good enough - I’m certainly not now- but there are so many good writers out there that get zero spotlight or attention… it’s really hard.

Working as a General in the IAF :cowboy_hat_face:

I thought I could join the army in my country by giving NDA exam but three months ago I learned that it was for male candidates only :pensive:

Famous author— I can’t write gooD without adding my opinion. It’s much more then adding a character like me.

Being a mortician\embalmer. I can’t lift crap.

A scientist who found out how to give humans powers :star_struck:

Because that would never happen and is kind of impossible ):

becoming kazoozoo

because im not kazoozoo

Writing, directing, and choosing the cast of a series.
At least I can pretend to be all that when I write stories on Episode. :rofl: :rofl:

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