Which Episode stories did you judge too quickly?

Yeah, I have judged certain episode stories too quickly. These come from some of the original episode stories but after I started reading more of the story. I changed my perspective about them. I know a lot do not like the episode originals since they can stereotypical. Sometimes you can find a hidden gem amongst them though. It’s been a while since I have actively read any episode stories so I can’t name the ones I judged too quickly anymore. I know I need to get back into reading them again.

Which Episode stories did you judge too quickly? Do you still read them?


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The Bucket List by Sophie M. I tried reading it some time in either late 2020 or early 2021, but I found the first couple of scenes boring, the ones where the MC was having breakfast with her grandma and just going about her daily routine, so I clicked out. But in October 2021, I had heard so many great reviews about it that I decided to pick it back up, and I read all 32 chapters religiously at the same time each night. And now, it’s one of my top five favorite stories of all time.

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