Who else here can’t cook?


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I’ve had to put up with my mum burning everything on purpose so Im always anxious if I burn food or nah.

I always end up undercooking things :no_mouth:

The only time I can actually cook is at school since thEY ACTUALLY HAVE INSTRUCTIONS


Why no instructions at home?

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e x c u s e m e-



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everyone but you can cook, motel :triumph:

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You’re funny Aully. Have you seen my cookies. (Triumph)

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no, 'cause they’re in the trash-


I can cook :relieved::nail_care:


Shush, you just mad that you can cook :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me see a picture of some cookies, like mine than I’ll concede.

I actually enjoy cooking and I’m pretty good at it so not me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I tried to make pasta and it tasted bad. :nauseated_face::white_heart:

That could be because the noodles just tasted bad

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Um… me?

I’ve never cooked in my life.

Still can’t cook :eyes::eyes:


Why don’t you check out:
Cooking Apps

It can give you ideas and you can practice until you get better

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I stopped trying to cook :joy: It ends in a disaster every time. I mean, how can it be so difficult? I even had a cooking class and I didn’t get any better at cooking. My Mum won’t even let me touch anything in the kitchen because I either hurt myself or mess up the food :joy:

Closed due to inactivity :innocent: