Who is your favourite stand-up comic?

Stand-up comedy is not easy and those who are able to make a living from it should be commended, so who are your favourite stand-up comics?

Personally, I like John Mulaney and Cameron Esposito.


Stand Up comedian?

Ohhh there are loads, Peter Kay is funny my parents have seen him live.

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I’ve never seen a comedian live, I’ve only listened to routines on Apple Music and watched videos on music. Although, I have seen drama kids attempt stand-up on our annual drama retreat.

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Stand up is a tough one, the crowds can be rough :joy: my Dad tried his hand at it and he did alright, he got some laughs but the problem was his humour only really appealed to a small crowd. He did get the chance to speak to a more well known stand up comic who gave him some advice but I can’t remember the name.




K- That was corny, bye…

I’m not sure if I would call her my favourite , but I have been really enjoying Ali Wongs Netflix specials👌

mrs maisel even tho shes fictional

I think she’s a stand up comedian, but Miranda Hart.

Russell Howard

Kevin Hart. Everytime I hear his stand uo jokes I laugh super hard.

I’m not sure. Kevin Heart, Jim Carrey and Rowan Atkinson? (There might be some Swedish comedian I enjoy lol, I haven’t seen much stand up :see_no_evil:)


Russle howard

Gabriel fluffy igalasis may be spelt wromg

One hundred percent yes

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