Who to go to if you are in need of help?

The last days we’ve seen quite a bit of confusion as to what which staff function exactly does and how to reach out to them. I will list a few things you might need us for and this list might be updated. First I will share the hierarchy.

Shannii is completely on top, she’s the owner of this place, she works together with 3 heads:

Deluge is head of discipline, he is the one sending out warnings and stuff like that, making sure everyone is behaving and following the rules.
Eleanor is head of organization and administration, so anything that has to do with that is in the hands of her.
Cali is head of the RP/SG section, she’s the head of the RP staff and responsible for everything withing the RPing section.

And then there’s the moderators, who deal with everyday issues such as everything very pressing about discipline or flagging, moving posts and stuff like that.

And leaders are there mainly for closing thread, adding tags, archiving stuff, giving help and advice, bumping, contributing, setting up polls etc. In which obviously the RP leaders have a specific focus on the RPing section.

Some specific questions and examples.

Getting a thread closed?

Tag the @ForumStaff.

Issues with getting silenced or not being able to post anymore since you reached the limit?

Tag or message (one of) the @moderators.

Changing a title?

Message one of the @moderators.

Changing your username?

Message @ShanniiWrites.

If a situation is possibly getting out of hand and needs urgent attention?

Flags and possibly tagging @ForumStaff once.

Issues with other users, for example bullying?

Flag as something else for the @moderators or reach out to @/ChaoticDeluge since as head of discipline he’s in charge of it.

Issues with a staff member or a decision they made?

@ShanniiWrites is the one to go to.

Questions about RPing?

@RPStaff is the way too go!

Hope this is helpful and makes it quicker and easier for everyone, the people in need of help but also us as staff to see who’s in need of help :purple_heart:


I’m a RP mentor and we are totally open to helping you out. @RP-Apprentices can also offer help as well, and you can go to them if we appear to scary or your friendly/comfortable with one of them. :wink:


You are right, the apprentices can also be help you out in RPing, even tho in general they have probably less experience they still know how the RPing world works and especially if you are a beginner they are a very good option to go to :purple_heart:




Only mods deal with issues users have with other users :eyes:


Wait wha- oops :no_mouth:

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Yes we halp

As head of moderation you can also come to me about the staff but if the problem is with me then please go to Shannii

Unless you wanna talk to me about myself :joy:


What would you do if someone pmed you about a problem they have with you? :joy::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


I’d take it on board :joy: I only get defensive if I find what’s been said to be either untrue or unfair


And what if someone ever has a problem with Shannii, would they have to pm you then? :thinking::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Yeah I guess :joy: but she runs the place so you wouldn’t really achieve anything


Shannii gon get Bannii’d :eyes:


Added a guide and a help tag :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:

I’ve updated this thread, I would advice everyone to have a look at it again!


An update to this, I handle username changes :wink:

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