Who villain character from kids show you are and everyone else? Samples from Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick jr, pbs kid, and so on

What villain character are you and who the character of people on the forum.

I stated who you think is the same as Mayor Humdinger from paw patrol.


I think you should move this to #role-plays-and-games:forum-games ^^

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Just did.

Who do you think fit villain of Mayor Humdinger from paw patrol.

No offense, but I think everyone here is well out of the Paw Patrol age range, lol. If it was an older show, I think it would be better.


Okay but I was talking about villain on kid shows basically. Paw patrol is basically popular as sponge bob.

Yeah, but a lot of people here are teens or older and paw patrol is a fairly new kids show so it won’t be as popular here. On the other hand, something like Fairly Oddparents or, like you said, Spongebob, would garner more attention.

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Yeah, I seen fairy odd parent before like it awesome but unfortunately it doesn’t show new episode anymore. I was a huge fan of image

Mister roger neighborhood was one of the best shows ever.

I’m going to say that I still watch paw patrol and blue clues and you. Best shows ever. :grin:

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