Who was or were the first characters you've made?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. That first character, the start of your addiction as a writer. Where did you start from? That first character was your first step and now look at you.

@RPers, who were your first characters?
And how far have you gone since then?

My first character was Regan Redwood, a character I still play as of this day, we moved from different pubic rp’s and a completly different forum, to here at shannii and with a partner in crime I can proudly call my friend and forum wife (@OhSumana ).

I made her for an rp made by @anon48598989 and @sunflower.flow for an rp called Sorority High. it was a pretty simple high school rp but the people in it, and the excitement everyone had really made it a memorable rp for me. When it closed due to inactivity, Sumana and I didn’t want to stop and we turned it into an 1x1 + additions of people who came and went over time but they all brought or are still bringing in new twists for us.

since then I’ve grown a little bit more confident with my writing and I’m still finding out new styles and characters to try out. I’ve learned to take a bit more risk with my characters and I hold most of my characters close, even those who have retired.

So yeah that was my first character :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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That, and I will never forget, would be Algasia Memoire and Anra Detower. I love and still use them today, and in fact they’re still part of my most favored characters (favoritism exists, sorry others-). If you haven’t heard of them, or if you’ve heard but not know, they’re my characters for Fairytale-d!T

Actually, I think I may have another one that’s the “most” first. I do not remember the name, and I do not want to remember further than what I currently do.



Not counting the characters I signed up in RPs that never started.
The first ones were a character named Julia in FTD (she was a daughter of Dr. Facilier, but when FTD was revamped I completely scrapped the character where she never existed.)
The other one was Isabella Snow from Grenopia High. Isabella is probably one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever made. The RP ended up dying, but myself and @/fal.renet1398 continued as a 1x1 with our characters and their life together

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My first RP character, that I remember, was called Alex Everton and then the other was called Ashleigh-Jane Medson. My first online RP characters were Andrew Danford and Alexandria Egerton.

DAMN. I think I had a strange obsession with A-names. HAHAHA


I think Louise Swan and Dominic Miracle…
Yeah, they were written badly

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Are talking about first rp character? Or the first character when we started writing?

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First RP characters.
But feel free to share ones from writing in general if you want

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funny thing about that is that the first character I’ve written as in story wise, was Delia in the Dark Snow rp.

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My first RP characters are Luisie and Loraine Wellington. I’m still playing them in a RP that we continue through pm.

And first character in writing in general was Mona, who’s from a story which is still left unfinished

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Alexandra Ravenscroft from Hazbin Hotel Rp.

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