Who's the worst MC you've read?

Sometimes, people just do not know how to write MCs, and they turn out so annoying. Who’s your least favorite MC?

I started reading one of those ‘shifter academy’ books on amazon unlimited a. because it was free and I was bored, and b. to take the piss, mostly. So unlike a lot of the other of those types of books I’ve read, it actually got a lot worse after the first book, and the MC got super whiny. But that’s not even the worst bit; after I finished the trilogy, which already took a load of effort on my part, I decided to try and read the spinoff series that took place in the same world, and… My. God. The MC of that book was so utterly annoying and stupid that I quit halfway through.

She was kind of an airhead pageant queen, and like, okay, that’s an interesting take, and that would be all fine and dandy if she had any redeeming qualities, but that was literally her whole personality. Shes incredibly stupid (the book makes a thing out of her not knowing what teleportation is- seriously?), every other sentence she brings up a ‘pageant lesson’ her mom taught her, she is literally the definition of a tradwife (she went on a whole tirade on how men where supposed to do all the work and women were just supposed to look pretty), and she kisses boys every other second- it’s a wonder how she doesnt have an STD already. Also, did I mention shes kind of homophobic? Yeah, I stopped reading that book at 20%.

Sorry for the rant- DISCUSS


@ChaoticDeluge taught me that Twilight is a much better read if you imagine Bella as a fish. And tbh, she becomes a much better MC if you do!


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This is how I imagine Twilight. Immediately better right?


I just read a story in r4r, evry charatere was terrible

the best friend, , keeps insulting MC and are just rude, and when we first meet her she legit say she often steal MC’s men

boyfriend a cheater.

and MC, first her outfits sucked, she only had those lolita dresses on note not at any point is it said she is a lolita.

she is childish,a brat, she kept complaing was rude. also when she see her best friend kissing her boyfriend, she dosent say anything she just walk out of the room and dont care, like sure she is sad, but really why are you friends with that girl.



What am I looking at?

Pure beauty

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Is it possible that the author wrote the characters like that on purpose? Like, is there any hint that it was a joke?

no its not, and even if it was this is not funny,


Then yikes.

I hated the main character in My Sister’s Crush. She was in a terrible situation and then just seemed to become a bad person. I’ve heard the MC in Loco Amor was terrible, but I never read it so idk.

Most of the featured stories MCs are just impossibly bland and have no personality, so I wouldn’t call any of them the worst, they’re all just bad.


Yeah like what her sister did was wrong,but she refused to forgive her,she wouldnt listen to her mom or sister and basicaly acted like they were not her family,also the whole time she couldnt choose a boy and it was getting annoying


I haven’t read Loco Amor but i’ve seen screenshots of it and it looks awful-


I started reading that story because of the hype and ------- I couldn’t get past the first chapter. It was so dry. :sneezing_face:




The worst mc I have ever read. I honestly can’t remember if there is a mc I really hate. Maybe, Gossip Girl? I tried to read the series but I couldn’t even finish the first book. I really don’t remember much of it. I think I didn’t like the Fallen book series which is why I stopped reading the books. Oh! I know it’s Liar! the app from Voltage inc’s standalone apps. I hate the mc in that story because all she cares for is a good status and money. Grant it, I didn’t like some of the love interests in that story anyway. I heard second season is way better than the first season since it’s based on another mc instead. It’s the only mc I actually hate from the Voltage inc series which is really hard for me to hate characters. I can’t even hate my own villains in my stories that I write.


I really didn’t like Jill from Blubber. She had no redeeming qualities, and no reason to bully the girl they called Blubber.