Why are braces and glasses considered ugly?

Why are braces and glasses considered ugly?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you myself because I don’t even know. What I do know is that it was pushed as an unaatractive feature for as long as I was little until highschool, when it suddenly become socially cute. At least around my area.

It was most definitely considered ugly before highschool though when everyone around me in school was more impressionable so I
I’m assuming it came from the older generation who passed the standard onto us and I, again, don’t see how it’s ugly but what about you guys? Do think they are ugly? Why or why not?



Definitely not! I may be biased, as I myself wear glasses, but I for sure don’t support this weird mentality that “braces and glasses are so ugly, urg-” I can seriously hear that whiny annoying voice of the mean girl :unamused:


Glasses idk.
I think braces because they make your teeth look black/metal grey.
It also makes your lip stick out a little (since they fall over the braces as well)
And they are a reminder that your teeth aren’t straight or ‘pretty’ enough so they need to be fixed, which is bs if you ask me.

I don’t get why you need the metal wire the rest if your life tho, it’s annoying.


Weird. Both glasses and braces aren’t considered ugly here in my place. It’s usually the popular kids who have them here.


Maybe because they alter your natural face? Idk, I never considered them ugly


I myself had to wear braces and glasses when I was younger. I never thought they were ugly per say when it came to the braces but more uncomfortable to deal with. I actually finally got my metal retainer off a year or two ago. They wanted me to come back because two of my bottom teeth were pressed up against each other. It really not even that bad. I would have to truly point it out for someone to even notice. I think people might have thought that braces were uncool due to the fact they made the mouth look very weird. Yes, you could get different color rubber bands at each fitting but they still looked like an eyesore on the bearer. Especially, if you have a small mouth like me. The glasses were a totally different issue for me. Since my vision was so bad I hated wearing them because of the part that would magnify the eyes on the lens. I actually switched to contacts after 5th grade but now I’m back to glasses. I’ve gotten past the issue somewhat. I don’t know why people thought glasses were ugly. They really aren’t unless you count those damn bugged eyed ones back in the 90s. Sorry I’m not budging on that.

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I used to were glasses and braces but I although now my part of my family were glasses now. I had to take my braces off since it was cut my mouth inside. I guess I was lucky about not wearing glasses but I like choosing my own glasses before.

Although glasses and braces are cool.

Glasses used to be considered ugly at some point here but people’s perspective changed and they embraced it because they’re many people who do look great in glasses.
Braces was always considered attractive in my country and there were plenty persons who said they wished they had braces. I lowkey do love how braces look and was at one point considering to get them to fix my teeth.
I’m double rowed but it don’t affect me that much, only sometimes.

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tbh everyone around here doesnt think about them like that

in fact, everyone wants braces or glasses (i personally don’t)

its kind of a quirk i guess, idk i don’t understand it plas

its just certain styles of glasses are considered “uncool”, which i could care less because being stylish isnt worth being blind over

they make u think awkward teenager
and those are ugly but it gets better ig

Closed because of me. :3

I think braces and glasses are considered ugly because they’re seen as imperfections, but they’re also used to correct said imperfections. I really hate it when people say I’d look better without my glasses. Ah, yes. Because I love being unable to see. @discussions, tell me your thoughts.