Why aren’t there more diverse characters in RPs?

Why do you think there aren’t many diverse characters in RPs?

How do you think this can be fixed?

I think that diverse characters are sometimes difficult as there is pressure to represent them correctly, and maybe writing about them can be harder than just the basic characters. But I think it would be amazing if more people (inc me) started to push themselves to write more diverse characters, as even the faceclaims are boring when everyone is practically the same!!!

What does everyone else think about this?


I think you’re right about being pressured to represent them properly. Or else, it would be really disrespectful and may start fights too (I hope they don’t tho). I try being as diverse as I can while making my RP characters, but most of the time, I don’t get any ideas and just stick with either Asians or Americans.

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Hey, @AtlantisRP and @CampSeafare, do you think there were enough diverse characters in either of these RPs?

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Hmmm…I think so.

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I agree on what you said, because I really experience that. It’s hard for me to portray characters that I’m not used to portraying. I can research, yes, but doing it publicly here can make me think some people are probably talking behind my back because I didn’t portray diversity as how it should be portrayed :eyes: I agree with Peppy, it might also be disrespectful

More research, writing practices, and definitely reaching out for others’ opinions. You can begin by making a diverse character to roleplay, then you can let your co-roleplayers ask what you need to do.

Well, in RPs where the characters have to dress a certain way based on sex cough Hanabira Academy cough it may be hard to include transgender minorities, especially ones who haven’t had surgery.

a bit late to the discussion but i have Thoughts

first i wanna state that there are multiple ways of making diverse characters: there’s race, there’s sexuality, there’s gender, there’s age groups, there’s neurodiversity, there’s disabilities…
if we think “diversity” as only one thing, we’re trying to lump it all together and pass it as one uniform “other”, instead of many different “others”, none of which is exactly the same to any other, just like any human being.
i think, and please know i am not attacking anyone here, that the fact that one can try to view “diversity” as a full on “other” or worse, a thing is part of the problem.
i do not want “diverse” RP casts. i want realistic and human RP casts. RP casts in which the characters are full fledged, layered and unique. they can have “diverse” characteristics, of course (please give them characteristics that are not white, cishet, able-bodied and neurotypical), but the most important thing to me is that they’re a character of their own, rather than a caricature or an identity

now, why does this happen?
i am going to make an assumption, and i hope no one takes offense on it, but i believe it is because the environment of these forums is… predominantly white, cishet, etc.
because of that, and seeing how RPing is kind of like acting in an improv scene, it’s understandable why people would feel the most comfortable playing characters like them, because, as many people have mentioned, there’s a fear of representing different charas “wrong”

the solution is simple, though:
no one, and i mean no one lives their life focused solely on how “different” they may be from others
so play your characters as such
sure, disability, neurodiversity, queerness, race, etc do shape some aspects of our life, but they’re not all there is to us
but you can take two pansexual colombian people and they can be completely different
our “diverse” identity is only one aspect in our lives, not all of it
so @ any RPer who wants to create a “diverse” character: go for it
go for it and play them as you’d play any other character, for “diverse” people are not less complex than others

now, a word from a queer POC

there is no one way to “properly” represent an entire group of people, everyone is different, so don’t be afraid of not playing a “diverse” character “as it should be”
every character is going to be different, that applies to diverse casts too, so don’t be discouraged because you can’t play them in a certain way
play them like a human being and that should be more than enough


I always tend to make my character black/Asian so at least if every character is white they would be some diversity.

My encouraging people to add more diversity?-idk

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I’m going to make a Native American girl.

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