Why Diversity Matters and What That Means for You

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You’ve probably heard a lot about diversity in stories recently. Here’s why it really matters and what that means for you and your stories!


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We live in a time where many of us, in our teens particularly, have grown up exposed to more diversity and aware that diversity is important. Even though we are more accustomed to the ways of the world today, we still have a long way to go, but by taking the next step to include diversity in all forms we grow one step closer to a better society. A society where the differences between us that we find, just make us more unique and in the end we are all people. Diversity comes in so many forms. Forms other than the commonly thought of ones like gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. Like Shannii mentioned in the blog post, diversity can be in relation to so many things, like age, religion, culture, class.
I went to a school that encouraged diversity. We were told to work together with people different from us, whether it was someone who lived in a different area and had been in school with others before, or (for my school in particular) someone with a different personality type. We all have such different personalities, and by even just looking at a base personality type, you can see that it wouldn’t be a good idea to surround yourself with only those who have that same personality type. Other personalities may cause clashing at times, but they provide a balance as well. In the real world, or in writing.
Diversity of all kinds is important in writing, but especially in real life. Every action you take towards at least being more comfortable with a diverse group or types of individuals that different from you, is a step in the right direction.

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When writing diversity, it cannot be thought of as something you add on top. Diversity is not just the icing, it’s everything that went into the sponge. Plain white flour ain’t gonna make a cake all on it’s own. Can I just take a moment to say I am surprised at how good that sounded

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When people see themselves in the media, it brings a sense of comfort and joy. We can relate to these characters because of the traits and experiences we share with them, something we can only get if the character is actually well developed. That is why, you don’t just make a gay character that happens to be gay. These characters need to have an element of ‘just happened to be gay/black/trans/disabled/ect.’ in them, but at the same time the minority that they are in needs to have some sort of effect on their life. Maybe it’s how they dress, or what their culture is, or how they talk or speak or act. Give them a personality, and knit it together with everything in their lives that makes them them, including whatever ‘category’ they fit into.

Diversity doesn’t mean just throwing in some minorities and saying your done. Diversity doesn’t even mean minorities. It means difference and complexity and variety. A variety of ages, not just one old person and a bunch of teens. A variety of sexualities, not just one gay man and a bunch of straight people. A variety of races, not just one black character and a bunch of white ones. You get what I mean.
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Occassionally I hear someone say that diversity doesn’t matter, good writing does. So write your diversity well, my friends.