Why do you always see characters crying over ice cream on the screen?

A common trope in TV and movies is characters crying while eating ice cream after getting their hearts broken. Generally speaking, the bigger the tub, the sadder the character is. It could be a representation of comfort food, or it could be a depiction of a ‘woe is me’ moment following the initial breakup. What do you think?

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Too cheesey. Too cliche. Not the type of shows I watch. And well, for good reason.

Well, ice cream is a sweet food. And characters crave sweets when they are stressed.

During break ups, people are often stressed. So they crave sweet foods. DESSERTS is also the opposite of STRESSED, so that explains it to some extent :eyes:


I’d cry over ice cream too so like that’s fair :eye::lips::eye:

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Conthiracy theorie, yeth.

I agree this trope is highly overused. If they want to make the characters eat comfort food, they can also use chocolates, chips, popcorn, soft drinks…

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because ice cream is rad?

It’s the most common comfort food apparently :thinking:

Ice cream is a comfort food and all but it’s really overused in TV and Episode :eyes:

Pizza too :eyes:

Oml yeah the whole bring out the ben and jerry’s thing

I always thought it was some american thing

I tried ice cream for comfort once but I was just sad with a cold mouth :eyes:

I honestly don’t know why it happens so much in movies and shows :joy: sO fUnNy aNd rElAtabLe

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