Why shouldn't textbooks be replaced by technology in high schools?

I’m against technology taking the place of textbooks in high schools. You can’t always rely on technology to work daily. You should always have hardback copies of the textbooks on hand in the classroom if this happens. However, it would be best not to take that step when you can still use textbooks anyway. It’s actually not healthy to look at computer screens for too long. Having an actual book in front of you makes it easier to absorb the information. Basically, online textbooks should not be the primary source of resources in high schools.

Why shouldn’t textbooks be replaced by technology in high schools? Why do you feel this way?



Because books are better and physical writing is a dying art form!

While this is true, it’s also not healthy to look at books for too long :eyes: you can still get eye strain. It’s best to just encourage people to rest their eyes no matter what they’re doing.

But yes there are certain health risks associated with technology which is why school’s and companies have to run specific health and safety tests on them that they don’t have to do with books therefore definitely in terms of cost, books are better. Especially if it’s the parents who have to buy them.

Also yes apparently this is true, reading from paper apparently makes the information go in better :joy: and also apparently when using digital books students are less likely to take notes.

However, I still think for some people technology may be a better option, I don’t think it should fully replace textbooks but there are definitely some advantages I can think of.

For example, people with dyslexia are able to change the screen filter or font if that helps them and if they can’t afford the physical equipment they may need with actual books but the school can provide them with a computer or ipad then it seems like a better option.

So yeah in conclusion I don’t think technology should completely replace textbooks but I do think it should be an option given.


Textbooks shouldn’t be replaced by technology in any school because not everything is accurate on the internet. Also, students would be distracted by a lot of things on the internet while doing their homework.

I agree for math, but like for other subjects like history I disagree. My history teacher didn’t use textbooks at all. He taught by showing us videos and online articles instead. I think we got the information a lot better and in an unbiased way because we’d be looking at multiple articles for sources.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part as well. It’s just bad for the eyes to force yourself to deal with the strain. It’s definitely cheaper to do so. Since technology is expensive usually for th school year.

That is very true. It just depends on the person when it comes to those matters. I think it should be half technology and half non-technology so that the option is there like you said.

This is also very true! I do agree with you!

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Not to mention, anything on the internet can disappear or stay there forever.

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I don’t know where I got this gibberish from

Different people learn differently but allow me to explain some better reasons why textbooks aren’t great.

They can be written with bias and not actually be accurate like, imagine learning the history of your country from a textbook written completely from the perspective of someone who loves the country, they’re likely to gloss over and leave out some information.

Using technology allows you to see multiple perspectives and piece together the truth instead of carrying a multitude of textbooks with you.

“Facts” can change, especially when new information is presented, technology updates, textbooks don’t and it’s easier for schools to use technology than keep buying textbooks which to reduce bias, they’d have to get multiple. Because as humans, we are biased by nature :joy: it’s unavoidable!

I think they shouldn’t be replaced completely because some people prefer textbooks and writing on paper. So, just let everyone use what they want and don’t get rid of one thing completely.

@Students Any other opinions?

Oh yeah I get a lot of eye strain from just reading. It sometimes feels like more so than compared to technology.

I think that textbooks aren’t always the best though. Like sure it being physical is great but they don’t always convey like the right amount of information.