Why You Need Good Grammar in Your Stories

Good grammar sets your story apart, so try to force yourself to proofread.

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I agree 100%. When I notice a grammar mistake in a story I go proofreader mode. I immediately think of a way to say it correctly. If that happens all the time, then it’s pretty hard to focus on the story itself. Even though I usually finish every story I read, so the author gets +1 read, I won’t be satisfied. And that’s what matters. Except if the writer wants to just get famous, even if it’s for a bad reason like the fanfic that was mentioned in the post.


Not only this, but I think when you publish the story it becomes more appealing to the readers and they are more inclined to keep reading. If you have punctuation mistakes and spelling mistakes everywhere, some people might get annoyed and some just don’t really care. I know people like me want to fix the mistakes, especially spelling mistakes.
Obviously theres an exception for peoples who’s first language is not English, but it is easy to get things like grammarly or any other editor that can fix the mistakes pretty easy.


In addition to this, people who learn English are taught “Book English” or just the standard rules with a few mentions of slang and stuff, as for someone who’s attempting to learn French and Japanese if the story doesn’t have good grammar I can and will be seriously thrown off. If someone misses a spelling or something, native speakers can probably figure out what they meant through the context. But if there’s spelling change and you’re not a native speaker or haven’t really familiarized yourself completely with the English language it could really throw them off during translation.

Also lots of fanfics have trashy grammar and that’s why I don’t read fanfics anymore or stories by teens. :sob: Please remember when a new person speaks, that’s a whole new paragraph.


Oh yeah of course! Like if one letter is off most of the time people can understand what its supposed to say

Yuppppp, which is why its important to double check your work and make sure it sounds fine

Ahhhh yesssss I noticed this too, I used to read fanfics all the time and then I started getting annoyed because I couldn’t follow the story


I totally understand why good grammar is needed. Some grammar mistakes are really easy to fix, sometimes you just need to reread it to find the mistake. And Grammarly can be a big help as well!
I think people used to focus a lot more on grammar and spelling a few years ago, at least in German. Now, I often see ads whith five spelling mistakes in just one sentence and it kind of annoys me. So I totally understand that this can be really annoying in stories, especially for native speakers!

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I hate seeing stories with bad grammar, because there are so many resources to help out. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but really bad grammar distracts from the story. Seeing a whole bunch of spelling mistakes calls to attention that the author hasn’t put in the effort to fully check the words. I know it may not be super important to them, but it’s really important to me that I can easily read the story. Proofreading is really important, generally, as well, since it can help you spot other issues in the story than minor grammar or spelling ones.


I am what some people call a grammar nazi - especially with spelling. A typo or spelling mistake here or there is no big deal, but when a story is rife with them, it drives me up the wall.

It just annoys me if the story doesn’t have good grammar.

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Same here. Have you read the reasoning in the blog post?

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Again, I’m gonna read it later.

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Cool, cool.
That’s fair enough.

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