Wig caps(I need help)

Hi guys! I’m going to be cosplaying for Halloween, and my wig came, and it has a wig cap, which is kinda like a hair net, but it honestly looks like a glove. The instructions are only pictures, and I’m confused.

Ta da…I think…

I have one of those… it’s like fishnet, but the back part is open, right?

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Yeah. It looks like a glove, honestly.

When I wear that one, I tie up my hair first by putting it in a low ponytail and pinning up the ponytail around my head. Then, I put the cap on and try to have it cover as much hair as possible.
I don’t get the point of that one, though. The ones that are like a stocking cap are better. But maybe it’s for people who have very long hair, because I’ve seen videos of girls with long hair put them on.
Maybe do a search on youtube for How to put on a wig cap if you have long hair.

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My hair is shoulder length.

Which side goes first?

The bottom part that has the seam goes on first.

The bunch part? Like how I’m wearing it in the picture?


Now it’s stuck on my earring

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Oh, no!
Here’s a video that might help… the tutorial starts at, like, 1:20:

Soooo, I think I got it. In the front, that is.

Um, where do I put it?

@anon80318563, thoughts?

I like how your wig looks!
You look nice with blue hair.
About the cap, did you tie up your hair first, then slide the cap over your head from the back?

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I don’t have any hair ties, so I had to push my hair into the cap. I’ll ask a roommate, though.

Are you cosplaying as Hatsune Miku?

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Nope. I love her, though. Sally Face. The hair’s too short. Miku’s is much longer and the color’s a bit off.

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