Women & Genderqueer portrayal in Video Games

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I wanted to talk about how women and genderqueer people are portrayed in video games. I could go on the feminism and sexism topic forever but this time, i want to discuss specifically about how certain video games portray women and genderqueer wrong.

Women in video games
I have noticed that in most video games, women are usually the ones dressed in skimpy outfits which is a red flag for sexual objectification.
Take GTA for example, women don’t really serve a purpose in that game and they are only there for the nasty while men are the muscular and mAnLy characters of the game who play bigger roles. And if you can choose to play as a female in some other video games, the only available outfits are the ones who show a lot of skin, which i don’t know whether it’s a warrior outfit or a swimsuit of a magazine’s front cover.

Queer representation
It wasn’t a long ago when the LGBTQ community was ‘quietly’ introduced in video games, since 2014, it’s common to have LGBTQ characters in video games but we can’t ignore that fact that they are portrayed wrong. Queer characters in games are often underdeveloped so usually a character’s queerness is their personality trait and is basically the basis of their presence, meaning they are just there for the diversity, but do they actually serve a purpose?

So what do you think about this? Are there games who don’t fetishize or portray LGBTQ characters wrong? Share your opinions below.



This bothers me so much… It’s just a body and yet it gets so oversexualized

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There’s a gay couple in Sally Face and a gay homophobe. I talk about this game too much.

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I haven’t seen many queer characters in Video games other than what I stated above.

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There’s a game I like called Bayonetta, you play as an extremely good looking woman and there are other good looking women in the game. But the people involved in making the game only did that for some pretty creepy reasons.

She’s supposed to be like Idk 9 foot in heals, yet because they didn’t wanna make her taller than the male characters, I guess we live in the land of the giants :joy: there’s more I could say but this isn’t the RS.

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In Genshin Impact, there are a lot of strong female characters.

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