World Building Game

This is a World Building Game in the sense that it is just for fun.
Creating a world together with a few words/answers at a time. I’ll ask questions and ANYONE can answer them, just one at a time. If I ask for seven answers to a question then seven users please answer it.

Let’s world build together, @Discussions and @Writers!

One world will take quite a while BUT when/if it is completed then anyone is welcome to use and worlds that we all create and implement them into their own stories.

I’m also using WorldAnvil to create this world, so you’re welcome to check it out if you want. The link is below. (wink)

List of worlds created here:

World one: this post or on WorldAnvil


World One!


There are five planets in our solar system. Our plant is surrounded by five incredibly small moons (Nymn, Destinesia, Sangruel, Avestas, Yiren), which is mostly due to the three suns (one large & two small that orbit it) burning them slowing down. The three smallest moons, Nymn, Yiren, and Avestas, were asteroids that didn’t reach the world’s atmosphere and instead got caught in its gravitational field. They caused the tides to shift in strange ways since each one orbited at a different point around the planet. The other two moons, Destinesia and Sangruel, came about when a rogue planet crashed into this one. They helped level out the tides. Over the years, they have been burned down by the suns, causing the tides to fluctuate less frequently.

The Planet is made up of two continents and one country, Ducklands, split down the middle by water. As for the land, 5% is polar, 43.7% is temperate, 15% is equatorial, and the rest is undetermined from the lack of exploration to those parts.
On the planet’s land has Mt Nikola that stands at 9,846m (pretty tall), the river Revir that is 9600km long and 6km wide (damn wide), and Lake Aurora that is 24km2 (rather small here). The ocean separating each continent is quite simply called Mr Blue.


All three of the suns cause it to be extremely bright, so everyone must wear speciality sunglasses and sunscreen during the dry season. A dry season and a wet season, Lasting 6 months each. The dry season has very little rain and the weather is generally hot. The suns (Kain, Scra, and Verose) are each about half-strength of regular sun stars. Despite the immense heat and brightness, you can still see the piercing blue sky through occasional clouds. However, during the wet season, the rain is intense. Natural disasters are rare but hurricanes happen once each month. The weather is gloomy during the wet season and thunderstorms are more common. The night sky is navy blue, filled with bright stars and a view of half the closest planet. Only 3 of the moons can usually be seen, it’s pretty rare to see all 5 at the same time.

The plants on this planet can grow anywhere but have various levels of toxicity depending on the amount of sunlight they receive. Those that grow in tropical climates are typically more nutritious and even have some healing properties, while those that grow in darker areas are very toxic, and animals that live in darker places must adapt to eating them.
There are many common plants on this planet. The main is the Glowing Lily of the Valley. Others are carnivorous plants, blood-red maple, pine trees, palm trees, and many types of berries. The rarer plants are ones like some types of fruit trees, birch trees, sunflowers, nettle, clover, truffles, and seaweed.

Rice, beans, and chicken are the staple foods that they sell.
Their luxury food are ice cream and cheesecake with dark chocolate chunks!

The most common creature, the Aromat, is the dominant species on the planet; the planet’s residents. Its skin colours based on the diet they have. The most common being pinks, greens, deep reds, golden yellows, grey-ish silvers, and crisp snow whites. Their limbs, commonly two arms and two legs, are of exactly equal length to each other. Their eyes are small, in a squinting-like position, with a slightly grey-bubbled pupil. The Aromats walk on two legs, however, they bend directly back at the knee, causing them to walk in what looks to be an almost crouching position, like that of a wendigo.
The Castel are the creatures most commonly breed by the Aromats. These animals resemble that of cattle, however, they are distinctly black in colour with 8 legs. These animals are used for meat and to produce a blue-type of milk that can be used to help plants to grow at speed.
In the skies, roam a type of bird-like creature. Due to the harsh weather, these creatures, known as air-eagles, are made of nothing more than skin and bone. Their four wings are distorted. Two dips on top of each wing are used to transport food and water between nests. Though they’re herbivores, they have 7 powerful talons on each foot.
Dogs and cats are rare, as well as aquatic animals since there isn’t very much ocean.

The world is very rich in metals and crystals! Gold, silver, and platinum are all quite common. Although trees can be found in most climates, small plants, flowers, and bushes all only grow in protected valleys because they aren’t well-adapted to the harsh weather.

There was a fire that broke out in the southern region of the world where it left a giant wasteland that is slowly healing. The people of Aromats have tried to look up ways to heal the land in that section of the region. Then there was a giant flood that destroyed most of the land to the west.


There's only one known species of Aromat that live on the planet, the Yarki Aromat. These are the Aromat species known to gain their flesh colour from their foods and live in groups known as coloonites. However, the Aromats, have other species on other planets, as the home planet of the Aromat is Tanoon, a large planet in the centre of the galaxy. Stretched across the galaxy, Tanoon and 8 other planets that have been colonised by the Aromats, are the 3 other species. The Yuk are known to be the first species with long limbs, grey-blue skin, and dark-spotted eyes. They are often the oldest and most knowledgeable. The Ynit is the only species of Aromat known to have hair, which is the same colour as the skin. The colour is gained from its diet. Finally, the Yroie is known to be the only Aromat with varying heights. The Yroie Aromat can grow between 7 to 12 feet and will have varying heights depending on the climate they're exposed to.

Tanoon became overcrowded and began dying due to those effects, so the discovery of this planet was an enormous miracle for them, as they faced extinction back on Tanoon. While many Aromats still live on Tanoon, a significant amount of the population travelled to this planet. So, they believe this planet is a second chance and should be treated as such.

The Aromats civilisation on this planet is about two centuries old. They use magic that is stored in crystals found deep in the ground, the colour of the crystals means different elemental magic. Though they have lost touch with how to use the crystals and their own internal magic.
Both halves of the world went to war against each other and ended up almost wiping the whole species out. It ended when the world started dying from all the resources being used, leading to them settling their differences so that they wouldn’t get eaten by air-eagles.

206 years ago, 14 years after arriving here, there was the great Diamond Debacle. Some Aromats started to harvest the crystals for jewellery and decor, but those who knew of the magical properties were against it and guarded them. Little by little, violence began until a protection treaty was drawn up. Unfortunately, this led to forgetting how to wield the magic within the crystals.


After the Aromats travelled to this planet, they set up a few cities years apart. The capital is called Alkeran, named after the first known user of magic, which a population of 5.5 million of the richest Aromats. The other two cities were named after Alkeran's children, Arimar and Krena. The total population of the planet is a billion.

The relationship between the different Aromat species throughout the galaxy is hostile and they fight each other for resources. This conflict is also perpetuated by slight religious differences among the species and divergent cultural values, which cause species to believe in their own superiority over other Aromat species.

The type of government they have is Monarchy, which is extremely important, and has been the only successful one. The previous form of government, which they left on behind when coming here, was an oligarchy of the most powerful magical users. This form of government was slightly based on merit, although it was largely also only available to the upper echelons of society, which were largely hereditary. The group of leaders had one at the head, who wasn’t usually directly related to the next leader.

The Aromats have four languages. Their own version of English called Aroglis, their own version of German called Arogman, their version of French called Gallicus and their own version of Japanese called Branuseg.

Depending on how close they are, the greetings can be quite different. Family members usually greet each other by stepping on each other’s feet, more traditional families also make a quacking sound. The first one to step on the other one’s feet is usually the more respected/older one, although it’s the other way around in some families. Friends usually great each other by jumping up and hugging each other in the air, the jumps are usually higher if the friends are closer. Groups of friends prefer another greeting because jumping up in a group has caused many injuries in the past, so everyone usually just kisses the person to their right (or to the left of it’s a group of rebellious teens). The most formal way of greeting is to stare at each other’s eyes, dependent on how much they respect each other, the greeting can last from a second to over an hour.
Another gesture of respect is to walk with their left foot forward towards the person.
However, flicking your hand up their neck into the air, is considered a rude gesture, as it is similar to saying fcuk you.

Yes, there are differences in diets between the three cities since the capital city is so expensive to live in, the standard diet in Alkeran revolves around the whole experience of eating and contains a lot of rich and sugary foods, as sugar is an expensive crop. Since Arimar was initially located along the ocean, many Aromats in Arimar consume seafood and pride themselves on their delicious, fresh foods. Seaweed, despite being uncommon, is very popular among wealthy citizens of Arimar. Krena consumes a lot of spicy foods, as the climate around the city facilitated the growth of spices, which became very popular within the regional cuisine. They mostly consume plants, although Castels are also commonly eaten in the city.

Yes, there are differences in the dishes between the three cities. Since sugar is such an expensive crop mainly used in the city of Alkeran, sugary dishes are pretty much exclusive to the city. Cakes, pastries, ice cream and filling, rich foods are popular in Alkeran, yet you mostly won’t find them anywhere else. The people of Alkeran put sugar on literally everything, even Castel meat. Yes, sugared Castel meat is something native to Alkerans. In Arimar, you can find delicacies with seaweed in them if you’re willing to pay the high price. Simple things, like seaweed chips, cost a lot of money and usually only for the rich citizens. Seafood is also expensive because of the rarity of aquatic creatures. The food in Arimar that’s eaten by regular citizens is usually coastal plants or food shipped from the other cities. You also can’t find food that fresh in this city.
In every city, there are at least five different vendors that each sell a different kind of food item but the people selling change every week, so everyone gets a shot at making money. The price of each food item is based on the city, how difficult it was to obtain and the season. The week before a new season comes, there’s a huge food festival where citizens of all the cities gather in Alkeran and sell their food products along with trying out the other delicacies. It a sign of unity to them.

There are only two main types of fabric, Ecosia and Yandex. Ecosia is gotten from the hide of the Castel and spun until it leaves a soft and light material. It’s their version of silk. This fabric is used more by the rich Aromats, as it’s easier for them to acquire and it’s of good quality too. Yandex is gotten from a combination of nettles and clovers. They are spun with a special machine and they produce a cotton-like fabric. This fabric is used more by the poor because it’s cheaper but still of good quality.
The upper class wears purple and gold clothing, and maybe some white as well. The middle class wears red, green or blue, while the lower class wears brown, black, or any dark colours.
For the most part, there is little difference between genders. Regardless of gender, clothing ranges from loose and flowing to tighter against the body. Anyone will wear dresses or a top and pants, but the females wear dresses and skirts much more often than the men, female clothing is primarily looser and flowing, unlike male clothing. It is acceptable for anyone to wear just a skirt or pants (without a shirt even), but not shorts, showing the knees in public is unacceptable, especially for a male. A female can allow her knees to be visible on certain occasions, such as on her wedding day if she desires or when expecting a child, she can wear anything she chooses.

Religion and Magic

On this planet the Aromats follow the religion of Astrelii, consisting of 8 gods. The three main gods (Ghallene, Unnas and Zaone) are believed to rule over the three suns, alongside five other gods (Vezla, Kriella, Mobris, Rhigaurus, and Azantheya) who rule over the three moons. Most of the Aromats are religious, believing that these gods watch over their planet, each of them living on their respective sun or moon. Ghallene resides on the biggest sun, as she is the goddess of the land. Unnas resides on the sun that completes a full orbit around the large sun first, as the god of battle. Zaone, the goddess of peace, resides on the last sun. The sun gods are worshipped from the base of Mount Nikola, taking water from Mr Blue to have it blessed by Mt Nikola before offering it to the gods with other sacrifices. A sacred prayer is spoken, which is written in the Aromats' old tongue. The two biggest moons, Destinesia and Sangruel, are home to Vezla and Azanatheya, respectively. Vezla is the goddess of misfortune and Azanatheya the goddess of luck. Yiren, Nymn and Avestas are home to Kriella, Mobris, and Rhiaghurus, respectively. Krielle the goddess of honesty. Mobris goddess of magic, though her powers have diminished a great number. Rhiaghurus, god of deceit. They are to be worshipped from any place. Their word is written in the Bebeus, the holy book of the Aromats. Their different form of rituals can be found in the Bebeus and their prayers as well. The Bebeus was discovered on Mount Nikola during the introduction of the Monarchy system. They rarely but annually make sacrifices. No animals or anything living, usually a token of hand-made appreciation, whether it’s jewellery or a craft.

Aromats don’t separate the church and government. The highest-ranking political members are also incredibly important figures in the church, with most claiming to be partially divine themselves. In particular, the monarchy is built upon the divinity of that particular family tree. The state makes policies based on religious beliefs, mandates religious holidays, demands religious practices, and persecutes Aromats who vocally dissent from the church.
With the Gods watching over the planet they live on, the Astrelii religion says that Aromats are responsible for the stewardship of the planet because they believe that it and their home planet was a gift from the Gods.
Eclipses are thought to be the Gods showing themselves to the Aromats and are obviously a really big holiday. Moons aligned with the sun are thought to be more special than moons aligned with each other, but when all five moons are aligned, this is a big religious celebration. Five moons aligned and with one or more of the suns, an even bigger celebration. When all the moons and all the suns are aligned, the Aromats have a whole week off, of course this occasion is very very very rare and infrequent.
The Aromats believe in being content with what they have, which is why much of the land remains undetermined. Explorers are frowned upon by the very religious, as it can be seen as being ungrateful for what the Gods have given you.
The Bebeus is also considered very important to the Astrelii religion, as it contains the rules of the religion they must abide by.

10% of Aromats still practice magic. Magic is generally used for healing purposes and occasionally for pleasure. Though it is impossible to bring people back to life as their former selves, but it is possible to bring something back as undead. Even if it’s highly illegal.
The veiws on magic greatly depend on the groups and species of Aromats. Residing on the current world the majority of Aromats see magic as a type of sin, as the Gods are believed to be the only ones worthy of such great power. The Magic not only involves the gems but also things believed to be immoral to the Aromats, such s ‘harm upon land’ or to other Aromats. Those who practice the magic are often labelled as crazy. Those crazy Aromats admire magic and praise it. At least half of those who practice magic see it as a gift from the Gods and that they have been chosen by the Gods. The magic can drive those unable to harness it into genuine madness, these Aromats are often shunned and abandoned by the rest of the society.
It is strongly believed that those who practice magic will be defeated by evil geese from hell and their helpers on earth.

More information to be added as we create it…


The first step is geography… I’m going to start off by saying that this is a whole new world/ The planet we’re creating is only similar to Earth in terms of being able to sustain life forms. The rest, however, is up to you…

  • Is there one sun or is there a different arrangement? (Done)
  • How many moons orbit our planet? (Done)
  • How many other planets around it? Do any other contain life? (Done)
  • How many continents are there and how are they laid out? (Done)
  • What is the average number of countries per continent… if there are even any countries at all? (Done)
  • How much of the land is temperate? (Done)
  • How much of the land is equatorial? (Done)
  • How much of the land is polar? (Done)

Okay, so one question per user. If someone answers one then no one else can answer that one, nor get them to change the answer. Once they all answered by eight different users, I’ll move on with the next questions. (wink)


Five :eyes:


3 sun’s 1 large sun 2 smaller sun’s the smaller sun’s orbit the big one. If this makes any sense

  • How many other planets around it? Do any other contain life?

5, only one contains life


On Earth, 21.3% land is equatorial


2 continets! Like this


Umm… this isn’t Earth-based. This is creative writing and world-building. … @Quinn?


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Only one country on the planet (but I guess there could be different states within the country?).


43.7% of the land is temperate.


Umm I’m associating equatorial with Florida sooooo

1/6 :3 like a little more than Africa but less than europe


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around 5% of it




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Some nature now, just please make sure you’re up to date with the world so far…

  • Describe the sky during the day (Done)
  • Describe the night sky (Done)
  • What is the weather like on average? (Done)
  • What are the seasons like? How many / how long? (Done)
  • What are some common plants and rare plants? (Done)
  • Are any of the plants poisonous, and are any medicinal plants? (Done)
  • What are some common animals/creatures? (Done)
  • What are some rare animals/creatures? (Done)
  • What natural resources are available in the different terrains? (Done)

Okay, so one question per user. If someone answers one then no one else can answer that one, nor get them to change the answer. Once they are all answered by nine different users, I’ll move on to the next questions. (wink)

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The night sky is dark blue, slightly brighter than the one we have on earth due to the 3 suns. It’s filled with bright stars, and a view of half of a neighboring planet. Usually, only 3 of the moons can be seen, it’s considered pretty rare to see all 5 at the same time.