World Cup 2022 ⚽️

Before getting into anything about the actual football/soccer tournament, I want to give a bit of attention to the circumstances. This world cup is organised by Qatar, and in quite some ways is controversial. The biggest issue with the rough working environment and deaths of migrate workers.

This is not the only controversy however, there are also issues with supporters potentially getting tracked (Don’t download Qatar World Cup apps, EU data authorities warn – POLITICO) and with fan clubs getting paid by Qatar to boost the image of the world cup ('Fake' fans at the 2022 FIFA World Cup: The claims, Qatar’s response and which supporters are travelling | Sporting News Canada)

For me it’s important to highlight that this world cup isn’t without problem, that isn’t to say I won’t still watch and most likely enjoy some of the games, it makes me feel a bit iffy about the whole thing. Mainly that Qatar will be the center of attention for a while, and get to show all the beautiful sides, while in some countries news about the horrific truths behind how the tournament was possible might now even reach the news. It just bothers me when people don’t even have a choice whether they want to watch or not based on a controversy cause they aren’t informed. Sure, it might be slightly hypocritical that I’m well informed and will watch anyway, but I’ve had time to consider the facts and make a choice on it I can be okay with.

That said, it’s time to get into the sport side of things

So, if I understood correctly 2/4 of each group continue to the knockout fase. So for the group fase these are my predictions of countries moving on:
A: Netherlands and Ecuador
B: England and USA
C: Argentina and Poland
D: France and Denmark
E: Spain and Germany
F: Belgium and Canada
G: Brazil and Serbia
H: Portugal and Uruguay

This is very European and Americas heavy sadly. I’m not sure if it are my own biases surrounding football tho :thinking: I mean, 21 out of 32 countries are from either of those 2 regions, so there is some bias in the qualification already…

Either way, for my final top 4, without a single game having been played, I wanna go for France, Brazil, England and I would love it to be Netherlands.

So, a lot of information on this thread, but I have a few questions for you:

  • Did you already hear about those controversies? How does it affect the way you look at this world cup?
  • Is your country playing, if yes, do you think they have a good chance of making it through the group fase, if no, for which other country are you rooting?
  • Which countries do you expect to do well this world cup?

Also, this is quite a fun fact about me, I’m not at all usually into football, don’t care about the national league or any other tournaments, but for the world cup I do tend to make an exception and I’m suddenly investing a significant amount of my time into football, especially if the Netherlands is in and has an okay shot at doing well :joy:


Impressions of the games I’ve seen:

Strong start Ecuador, Qatar played terrible. 2nd half neither teams were great, so stopped watching.

England- Iran
England did exactly what I expected, quite a strong game of them. Definitely still contender top 4 in my opinion.

Ooof, it really could have gone either way. Disappointed in my team, exept from Frenkie de Jong, there was no excitement, no interesting plays really. It wasn’t a pretty game, but happy the Netherlands won!

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I’m not really a fan of sports in general, but I’m curious, where are we at with the cup?

Any @SportsFans watching this World Cup?

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Well, 3 out of 4 guessed correctly this far isn’t that bad! Soon we’ll figure out how well I guessed on the next 4.

Sad, was quite wrong about this group. Denmark last and to me surprisingly Australia 2nd. No surprise with France winning the group though…

You won’t get silenced again since the system only silences you on the first post since you typed too fast. I just wanted to let you know! Interesting facts about baseball. What are your thoughts on football/soccer?