World Teacher Day

Today, October 5th, is World Teacher Day!

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The best teachers really help mould you into the person you become later in life so like obviously they deserve to have a day where we recognize and appreciate them for all they’ve done!

So like share stories about some of the best teachers you’ve had and the ones that really left a lasting impression on you.

For me it was this one teacher who stocked her class with ramen and tea bags (and a hot kettle of water ofc) so that if the students got hungry they could have ramen and they could have tea if they needed to calm down their mind :sneezing_face:
Also, she’d hang a pride flag in the window of her classroom every June—this was a big thing because the district doesn’t allow pride flags 'cause catholic school but she was always open about her support and allyship
And her classroom was just so comforting man love that woman

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Right :star_struck:

She used to have couches in her room but apparently it was a hEalTh cOdE vIoLaTiOn


Happy Teacher’s Day @anon80318563! You’re the first one who came into my mind :sparkling_heart:


My drama teacher in high school used to bring chocolate cakes to our finals rehearsals they were soooooo goood

But I’ll say my media/cinema(?) teacher from high school, she was and still is my favorite teacher of all times she was like one of us we were friends and class was just the most fun thing ever
She came to a bar with us on our graduation day and all
I even stayed in contact with her after graduation she’s the best


@ShanniiWrites (you’re a teacher now😉) @CrazyCaliope HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!


My favourite teacher was my French teacher at school. She used to give us free slots (as long as the French syllabus was on track) whenever we asked her just so we could finish our pending work, revise for exams etc. She also used to let me stay back in class during PE classes as I hated that period (still do, haha).


My two favourites were my drama teacher in high school, she was the coolest older teacher you could have had and become a (PHD) doctor while I was there. HEHE … Then there was my primary school teacher, Mr Wilson, who was just the sweetest soul and taught me sooo much.

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I’ve been teaching for ten years now.
When I was young, I didn’t want to be a teacher---- I wanted to be an actress, then a fashion designer.
Neither of those things worked out, and in 2010 I was offered a job teaching English at a bilingual school.
I got the worst groups that year… kids who had zero interest in the English language and who would yell, scream, and play during class all the time.
I almost gave up, and during the first half of the 2011-2012 school year, I even looked for another job, but didn’t find anything until January 2012, and it was at a small school.
That experience was what made me realize that teaching was for me. Even though I was extremely inexperienced working with kids and got fired, I felt that I was made to teach. I took all the certification courses I could, and finally became a homeroom teacher for the first time in August 2012.


Happy teacher’s day @anon80318563!!

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I still want to :eyes:

In my country, Teacher Appreciation Day is May 15th.
Since school is still online (until August), some of my students dropped off gifts at the school for us, and a few of my students even made us videos, drawings, or sent nice messages.

Here’s one of the drawn gifts I received from a student:

I love it!

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Omgg that’s so cute!!

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