WORLDS TWENTY- Official RP Thread


This is ‘WORLDS TWENTY.’ A universe just like our own. Though superheores exist.

Around the world, crime rises. Life goes on as usual, but there are few who decide to take matters into their own hands. Wether that means going out at night with a hoodie and gloves. Or dealing with an untold power.

These people are only the first to stand for change. But as ‘heroes’ rise, ‘villains’ do as well.

‘WORLDS TWENTY’ is another superhero & supervillain universe. Though it’s goal is to create realistic and new stories that may have not been done before. Or to expand ideas while in a world.

While realism is key, creativity and things of that nature are just as important. So this isn’t to say having powers or costumes will be limited. But the humanity or depth of the person is explored in depth.

This Roleplay takes place in the city of North Star. A large city in Colorado with six boroughs. There is a central ongoing issue within the world of WORLDS TWENTY. However, much of the storyline you experience will likely rely on you, your descisions and who you RP with.

World Details & Development Basics

(To Be Added)

If you have any information which you wish to be canon to the WORLDS TWENTY Universe, make that detail known to me and it may be added. (For Example, there could be a small shop/store that’s a bit of a landmark. Or a historical fact you’d like to keep noted.)

Sign-Up form

Please submit these on the Sign-Up thread, Here

Important Links

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The Rules

  1. You can have as many characters as you want, but no more than two characters with abilities.

  2. Do not argue or be rude with others. This results in unnecessary drama that nobody wants.

  3. If you are swearing, make sure to put an asterisk ( * ), or blur it

  4. If two or more characters get romantically involved, stop it once the clothes come off.

  5. Do not control other people’s characters unless given permission.

  6. Your character’s powers cannot be too overpowered. They have to have at least one weakness in some way. Which must be a bit more than simple human flaw (even if they aren’t human/fully human.) (No Mary Sues.)



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