Worst Character Breakups

Couples in tv shows and movies break up all the time, but sometimes, the breakup will even have the viewers misty-eyed. What do you think are the worst character breakups? List 1-5!


I know some of these couples ended up back together but here we go

  1. Dean and Lisa - Supernatural OMG AH
  2. Jessica and Justin - 13 reasons why
  3. Spencer and Toby - Pretty Little Liars
  4. Hanna and Caleb - Pretty Little Liars
  5. Blair and Chuck - Gossip girl
  6. Ian and Mickey - Shameless
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Changed tags!

Santana and Brittany from Glee

I’m going to blur this for anyone who hasn’t seen the newest season of Elite

Nadia and Guzman. I feel like they way they ended things was awful.

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