Worst kind of people?

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Who are the worst kind of people to deal with or that you’ve ran into? What do they do that just pushes your buttons?

I dislike people who think their feelings are facts. :woman_shrugging:


Attention seekers :roll_eyes: they annoy me so much. Especially the ones that body shame themselves or constantly say their ugly or stuff like that. Also people who can’t think straight and only use their feelings to make decisions, which often come out as irrational. Those said decisions have affected me so many times I just tend to stay away from people like that.

Acting like a victim, always ranting about their problems but they don’t even take your advice

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  • People who are too arrogant and flex their wealth, status and/or power.
  • People who can’t take a hint and leave me alone :cowboy_hat_face:
  • People who start drama unnecessarily (especially when it hurts others’ sentiments).
  • People who talk bad about others behind their back out of jealousy, irrational anger, some misunderstanding etc.
  • People who are sycophants.
  • People who give personal attack in the name of “constructive criticism” :roll_eyes:
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They irk me as well.

As someone who has been through a lot and suffers from disorders, people who post asking if they had a certain mental disorder if they would still be loved or something f!cking stupid like that just…

Oh and people who decide to diminish other people’s suffering by saying they have it worse.

People who gaslight their significant other.

Women who claim they support feminism but instead of wanting equality for male and females, they just want to bash on the male population.

People using their trauma as a consistent excuse to their poor behavior.

Yes! :point_up:
And also those people who disregard others’ feelings by saying something like “Oh, Yemen people are suffering more than you, get over it!”

It won’t solve their problems or make them happy. It would make them even more upset.

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Sounds like some abusive parents I know. :eyes:

It also makes the victim of something traumatizing question whether they’re allowed to be hurt or affected.

People who think just because someone does it have an event to the extreme, they can’t feel deeply hurt.

People who self-diagnose and hide behind that diagnoses to act like a total c!nt.

They call themselves feminists but actually the proper term is misandrist.
I feel that gender equality is still a long way to go.

Men who see women as a trophy to secure.

Yes and men who diminish women’s problems by using the “men go through sexism too!” argument.

Episode stories gimmick this a lot. Often times I feel that it’s not even a romance, it’s just some marathon where the LI’s compete to secure the MC.

Most of the times those men haven’t even gone through actual sexism :joy:
They just use that argument to bash women who are actual feminists.

Yes. Episode writers who implement this are one of the worst kind of people. :smiley:

People who say women don’t go through sexism.

Pople who don’t know the difference between confidence and consent.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this annoys me. Or when people assume a guy can’t be raped or if a female says a guy raped her then she’s automatically correct. Like that’s just bs.

All you’re gonna get from this is pity, not respect. If you want to be respected, turn your trauma around and become successful. Some people might even start hating you. Yes, it would be understandable, but you have to realise that you aren’t the only one who passes through things.

Lmao well those people are dumb :eyes:

People who always feel the need to one up people even if it means making them seem really unhealthy


Me: I’m tired

Me: I was sick last night

Me: I’m having a nose bleed