Worst service at a restaurant?

What’s the worst service you got at a restaurant? Since this weeks theme is Resturants

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When the food in the menu is a different picture from the one they give you :roll_eyes:

When I’ve waited HOURS for a meal and ended up not getting the meal. :roll_eyes:

I never really had a bad service at a restaurant :thinking: Sometimes I had to wait a bit longer but that’s it. I don’t really mind waiting.

@Discussions What’s the worst service you experienced at a restaurant?

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Well I don’t really care about how long I have to wait because it’s understandable but one time I had to wait a really long time for the food and it was a pretty fancy restaurante, and it was super busy so I understood, but when the food came out the burger was terrible, like burnt and I just could not eat it. So yeah I sent it back and it took a while for a new one to get there and when it did it was underdone/almost raw. So yeah.


Usually just being ignored for ages and tables not being cleared.

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One time we ordered a pizza and it had a screw in it. we couldn’t complain because it would be impossible to prove

A few weeks ago, I wanted to order something at a restaurant and just got ignored. It was really annoying and I was really hungry.

@Foodies Do you have any stories of the worst service at a restaurant?

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WOW! Rude much.

I think some of the worst service restaurants or cafes is when it’s not busy at all but yet, there are tables that haven’t been cleared. And they remain that way for the duration of your meal time.

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I’ve never had that bad service at a restaurant personally

I don’t really like complaining about service but the worst I’ve had was being given a lukewarm rare steak when I’d asked for a medium, I didn’t complain but there were other issues with other peoples meals and they did decide to say something, the staff were slamming our chairs after we left.