Would It Be Ok To Write A Story about A MC having cancer?

Would it be ok to write a story about an MC having cancer?



I think so, just as long as you do it correctly. Two of my relatives passed from it, so I know a bit.


If you’d like, we can talk about what I know.

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That would be amazing


It’s been like ten years, so I can’t remember much, but I can just look up what I don’t remember. First off, Chemo is extremely hard on the body and it can weaken the immune system so much that getting sick can actually kill the person. I think that what happened to my grandpa. I also remember that he complained that the chemo made his sense of taste diminish, making everything taste like cardboard, or so he said.


So long as you have well-researched the subject, I don’t see a problem with it. You’ve got to know the subject thoroughly to be able to write about it.

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