Would you consider promoting someone else's story if you think it's bad?

I personally wouldn’t because that wouldn’t be honest, and I don’t feel comfortable promoting something I don’t like or believe in.

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Yeah I wouldn’t do that either. For example I read a lot of stories but I only put the ones that I really like on my reccomended page thing on Episode. Or stories that I think need recognizing.

It depends on the reason why I think it’s bad. Because someone else might like it. But if it’s really bad because it badly written, I wouldn’t promote it.

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I personally wouldn’t because I don’t want my readers ti spend ther time reading something that they’ll not enjoy. It’s decieveing them. As writers, we have to be genuine and appreciation our fans who love our work.

@Episodians What do you think? Would you promote a story if you think it’s bad?

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Ew, no way-

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No xD

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