Would you consider yourself healthy?

Yes, I would say I’m healthy. Or at least I try to be! I try to eat healthy (most of the time) and get a lot of physical activity!

Would you consider yourself healthy?


No. I’m freaking underweight-
I even have some diseases-


Meeee. My body is crap. Hi Kiara! We really need to talk more.


I’m underweight

I used to eat too much and I haven’t been eating enough lately

and I get like 4 hours of sleep

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I am not that healthy of an eater.

I would say yes… I don’t have any chronic illnesses (except migraines but they aren’t as frequent as they used to be), I don’t have any allergies nor do I catch colds easily, and I drink a lot of water and have a pretty consistent sleep schedule. I do eat some unhealthy foods but I also eat fruits and vegetables every day. The only thing I’m missing is exercise. I just don’t have the motivation for a regular exercise routine.

I definitely don’t consider myself healthy

Definitely not. I eat ramen like everyday, don’t drink water and only exercise to get a grade in PE. I’m trying to get back into running though, especially now that it’s cooler outside

Nope, I consider myself a lazy duckling :eyes::green_heart::duck:

Me: drinking psl uhhh…

I’m not sure. I’m a lazy bean, but I don’t have any serious health conditions, though. My diet isn’t exactly that healthy either :eyes:

I don’t consider myself as healthy, I fall sick from time to time, and due to the pandemic, I don’t exercise at all. I tend to eat a lot of junk food these days, but yolo. Oh yeah, I also stay up late everyday. I’m gonna fall sick at any time.

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Depends lmao

Physically: Yes absolutely.
I currently exercise up to 10hrs a week, and while I am a bit overweight, in reality that is due to muscle mass, and is not detrimental to my health. My bp is a little high, but that is more due to mental illness issues/home circumstance/family history than anything else

Mentally: Absolutely not just don’t even ask :rofl:


  • Would you consider yourself healthy?
  • In what ways?
  • is there anything that you could improve on?

Feel free to share as much or as little as you like!

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yeah but eating disorder… :weary: I need to eat more XD!!

I exercise every day and week and I’m a bit toned
is it bad that I can see my rib bones? maybe not XDD!!

no XD!!

Wait to eat some more lol

Ok, so I have the mesomorph body type. I can gain weight and lose weight easily and muscles…
Even if I don’t exercise for a long time I still maintain muscles naturally lol.


huh… idk what i am XD
Endomorph with ectomorph waist?
I’m blocky sort of shaped - I do have some curves but they’re also blocky
Lots of squares of various sizes, with a layer of fat on top

Anyways doesn’t overly matter

I can see mine :man_shrugging: (when I stretch) XD

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For real honestly

Lmfao same
And yikes I see mines even if I don’t stretch…
Anyways once I don’t bounce them nowhere :eyes: because I can only imagine the pain

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