Would you get gifts for your friends even if you don't celebrate Christmas?

Originally Christmas was a holiday related to religion, but nowadays it seems like the capitalistic aspect has become more important because it has become more focused on gifts than on anything else for most people!
So that’s why I have to ask myself every year if I should get my friends some gifts or not?
Would it be appropriate although I’m not Christian?
Should they give me a gift for Chanukah then? :eyes::sparkles:


I think it depends on the person’s views. When it comes to my friends who don’t follow a religion or are atheist, many of them don’t have a problem with gifts. For people of other religions, though, it can go against their beliefs to accept or give gifts on the holiday of another religion

I’m personally not religious whatsoever but I still do both Christmas and Chanukah
I kinda look at it more as a tradition than a religious thing even tho it is a religious thing :thinking:
But gifts are rad you should do it
I don’t do it because I don’t have friends that celebrate Christmas and live here/also never met anyone who gives gifts in Chanukah ngl/also I just don’t have friends in general/and I’m lowkey broke


Well, since I celebrate Christmas, I’m not really the right person to be answering this post, but…

I don’t buy gifts for all my friends unless they’re hosting a Christmas party, or we’re doing a ‘secret Santa’ type of gift exchange.
But most people celebrate Christmas in my country even if they aren’t religious.

I like to get my friends Christmas gifts, and its not a particularly religious holiday, so I wouldn’t worry too much about not being Christian

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I would probably ask first
I know people who for mental health reasons they don’t really wanna be reminded of the holidays at all so getting them a Christmas gift is a no

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