Would you like to change your name?

When I was younger, I really didn’t like my name because I thought it was boring because I don’t have a second name :laughing: but I grew to like it, anyway, though it’s still weird to say it myself. I didn’t have anything specific to change my name into, but I remember saying “I want to add Marie” into it and I just realized it’s so cringe haha ;-;

Anyway, so…

  • Do you like your name?
  • Would you change it? Why?
  • If so, to what would you like to change it?



Same as you, when I was younger I wanted to change my name into Stella, I was obsessed with that name, but rn, I really like my name and I can’t imagine myself with another name


Kinda yeah
Like it’s a pretty name just quite common

If I change it it’s because I’m making a big change in my life like a complete different life and kind of a “start over” in a different place

There used to be times in the past (like years ago past) I wanted to change my name
I had an Alex phase and a Rose phase pretty sure


Not really :full_moon_with_face: but its okay eh

Maybe i guess? Because i personally don’t like it that much lmao but i also can’t see myself with a diff name it’ll be weird :man_dancing:

I’ll probably not because even if i do so i wont be able to choose another name because I’m indecisive :man_dancing::man_dancing::star_struck::triumph:


I personally like my name. So I wouldn’t want to change it

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Hmmmm…maybe Luna or Natalie.


I like my full name even though everyone mispronounces it


I used to hate it when I was younger, but I like it now :star_struck: I hated it because everyone would mispronounce it and I used be super shy so I was scared to correct them

Nahhhh, it encapsulates so much of my identity and character that I honestly couldn’t imagine myself with a different name

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I wish it didn’t have so many consonants

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I like my name yeah I think it’s cool and I like the fact that where I live there is nearly no one else with the same name as me. I like thinking of myself as the only person with my name, even though that is not true as evidenced by my trip to Nigeria- but shhhh I just pretend that doesn’t happen

Noooo I like it
I used to want to be called Crystal or Jules or something tho lmao Idk why. I got annoyed of people calling my name and for some reason I thought changing it would make me not annoyed



I found someone with the same name as me and—



Yeah, this year I got a classmate called Eliza as well and ngl I don’t really like it, I used to think that it was uncommon when I was younger but ig it isn’t lol. I like that my official name is Eliza tho, it’s not a short to Elizabeth at least.


I don’t like my name, I never did but now I’m ok with it, I wouldn’t change it. But for the longest time I did want to…


Yes, even though it’s kind of common in my country. Except for the spelling… I know plenty of Marianas but not with 2 'n’s like me.

When I was younger, I wanted to change it because I wanted to ‘be’ a fictional character.
I had a Stacey phase (from the Baby-sitter’s Club)
Then, a Kimberly phase (the pink ranger from Power Rangers)
And then I wanted to be Paola, Vanessa, and then Mariela. (Girls from Mexican soap operas that were popular in my pre-teen years)

But now I enjoy being myself, so I’m happy with my name. :sunflower: :sunflower:


When I was younger I wasn’t fond of my name. Idk why, maybe because I thought it didn’t sound nice or because to my knowledge it was unique (it isn’t, it’s actually quite American) I really wanted to change it to Lexi. When I got older, I wanted to change it to Raven - heh - because Raven is my favorite character from Teen Titans and I kinda relate to her. But now, I quite like my name, even though there are 5 other people in my school with the same name.


Speaking of 5 other people, in my gym class there’s another person with the same name as me SPELLED THE EXACT SAME WAY and my gym teacher calls me by my last name because I don’t have the privilege of being called by my first name (my classes were switched and I wasn’t the first [insert name here]). Kinda pisses me off ngl. You could just refer to me with my full name, that’s what every other teacher does

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Yes!! I love my name

No, I wouldn’t. I don’t see many people with this name. I used to dislike it because it sounded very generic. I mean— it does sound generic and common but for some reason it’s not


I think most people don’t like their name when they are kids or teens. I also don’t have a second name, too.

Basically, the name Thorsten ain’t bad regarding its meaning, just very common. It means “Stone of Thor” or “Hammer of Thor”. Sure easier than Mjölnir. :sweat_smile:

Since my life happens online most of the time since 1999 I more or less had a name change to Nemesis. My last name is Adamant D’Aresodin, and I later added Alexiel as second name. I also used to explain why and what they mean before on my thread on the Episode Forums.

As a teen I wanted to change my first name to Blake, as a child I prefered Andreas.

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I used to dislike my name because it sounded so basic and “American” (no offense to American people, I just wanted a cultural name that came from my culture). I thought it sounded too common, but I’ve come to realize that although my name sounded common, it’s actually not common. I’ve never met another Sherry before. And knowing that my dad gave me the name Sherry because it meant “beloved” in french made me like it more


I didn’t like my name when I was a kid because people always thought I was a boy (they always confuse my name for its male counterpart). I grew to like it over time, even though I think it’s a bit common. I wouldn’t change my first name but I want to add a second name because most of the people in my age have one.

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I’ve grown to like my name, because it means protector. I used to be embarrassed of it because I felt like I couldn’t live up to it by protecting people. But then I learned that it’s an epithet for Hera and the name of the largest butterfly in the world, which is fitting because of my connection to butterflies. Guess my name if you don’t already know!