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What began as a simple invitation to dinner hosted by a family of billionaires became more than anyone expected. Each person invited needed something which their gracious hosts could provide them. Each went in, told that with dinner would come a game, and the winner of said game would walk away with everything they needed and more. However, not one them knew what was in store for the dinner party and what the game truly was. Little did anyone know that the dinner was only a small part of the horrors brought on by the family.

This RP will focus on a group of characters who have all come to this dinner because they need something, money, certain connections the family has, etc. The RP will begin just prior to the dinner beginning so the characters can get to know each other. Then soon after the dinner starts, a game of Would You Rather will begin, which will quickly turn dark.


In the beginning, it will first be something easy like “Would you rather, make out with the person on your left, or give the person on your right a foot massage?”

Later, it could be something such as “Would you rather hit Person A with a whip, or stab the person on your right in the leg?”

These are just examples for what there could be, as the options will become progressively harder and more dangerous/deadly as the game continues.
Please don’t be too graphic with the harsher ones.

As the game/RP goes on, characters will be “removed” from the dinner until there is a winner. Of course, they don’t have to fall in line with the rules set forth by the Carlyles, but there will be consequences.

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One by one the guests began to arrive at a grand home. One which was not used often by the Carlyle family, mainly for events such as the dinner being hosted that night. They were each greeted at the door by a butler who led them each to the sitting room, and left with the instructions to remain there, and they would be brought to the dining room when dinner was ready, to meet their hosts.

For now, all of the guests can mingle and get to know each other. Just be warned, what the characters think of each other will impact who makes it to the end. You wouldn’t want to make an enemy before the game even started, would you?

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ORP: Sorry I’m so late, I was hiking and then I was so exhausted I slept until 7:30am

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He stepped in front of the door, wine and flowers in hand, he started to panic thinking how if he messes up something Mark would be able to find him and since he found a way to make what happened seem like Thomas’ fault he wouldn’t have to try hard to make this seem like his fault. Nevertheless, Thomas rang the doorbell and waited, knowing there’s no going back now, but it’s not like there’s anything to go back to considering all of his relationships are now shaken no matter if they keep believing Mark or not.

ORP: Approachable



I came to the Carlyle mansion fairly early. I wanted to see if I could convince them to give me what I wanted early so I couldn’t stay for dinner.The last thing I wanted to do was eat around people I didn’t know. When I walked up the pathway to the mansion it was very intimidating and frankly, I didn’t know if I belonged anywhere near a place that looked like this. Unfortunately the butler let me in and I was disappointed that I couldn’t speak to the owner directly. He led me to a room that was two times bigger than my own and I felt out of place. Still I sat by myself on a couch near a wall and farthest from the other couches. I started pondering on the fact that It was probably a bad idea to come here.



I arrived at the house in the evening. The mansion was huge, but I didn’t expect anything less from the Carlyles. They were well known and of course part of the reason was because they were rich. A guy stood in front of the door with flowers and wine in his hands. “You seem to be going all out for this party?” I said to him while brushing past him to knock on the door. As I knocked on the door, I began hoping that they weren’t snobby. I didn’t want to deal with anyone like that, especially not today since I had business to take care of. A butler answered the door and let me inside. “Thank you.” I said while smiling as he led me to a huge room with comfortable looking couches. I still wondered how long I would have to wait in here so I turned to the butler to ask him but he was already walking away. I shrugged my shoulders, sighed and sat on a couch across from the girl. I took out my phone to see if I had any new notifications.

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Rylee had arrived a bit late at the Carlyle mansion which was just ‘wow’. He had never seen such a grandiose house like this. He got out of his cousin’s car which she drove. He was really grateful to her.

He walked in and saw many people in extravagant outfits talking to each other. It wasn’t a requirement to wear lavish clothes, was it? Because he was in a simple striped shirt and jeans. He felt… left out.

Rylee saw a huge, beige couch and walked towards it. He decided to sit and wait there till dinner starts. He looked around and saw a girl sitting beside him, “Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there!”

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I saw someone come into the room and plop down on the couch next to me. I really didn’t expect anyone to sit next to me and I didn’t know how to feel about that. While I was staring at my shoes he began talking.

“Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there!” I turned to my right to look at him. I couldn’t make out his facial features with my poor vision but I made sure to look at him while talking so that he wouldn’t think I was disinterested.

“Oh, hi.” I said while smiling.

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me trying to make this as not long as possible :sunglasses: think I succeeded eheheh

Dev was all dressed up and ready to go, wearing one of his best suit and tie outfits. His wife, the lovely Ellie White, was looking him over now, making sure that there wasn’t a wrinkle on his clothes. She didn’t know the extent of the importance of the dinner, but she knew that it, for some reason, was a really crucial event for him. She was being beyond patient with him, which he adored her for, but after the end of this evening, Dev had a feeling that she would begin pushing him for answers more.

“Okay, you’re ready to go,” she said, stepping back from him. He smiled his thanks, turning to head for the door.

“Wait.” He did and she padded towards him, pulling him into a gentle kiss. “Can’t leave without a goodbye kiss,” she murmured. Dev hugged her tightly, taking in her scent. “Bye Ellie,” he spoke softly into her ear. Taking a step back, he knelt down, pressing a kiss against her flat stomach. “And bye little guy.”

He walked away now, nodding slightly at her. “I’ll be back before you know it.”


Dev arrived at the house not too long after, parking his car and then walking inside. The house, if you could call it that, was huge. It was a really beautiful mansion, and it just screamed ridiculously wealthy to him. As he got inside, he was greeted by a butler (yes they actually had a legit butler) who then led him to the sitting room, where he saw a few other people milling about. He approached the couch with an older woman sitting on it—probably older than thirty but less than fifty—flashing her a charming smile. “Hey, do you mind if I sit here?”


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Since all I could do was wait, I pulled out my phone to text my coworker.

I’m finally at the mansion. The couches are bigger than both of mine combined.

Then, I scrolled through my social media to see if there was anything new. I wasn’t fond of waiting for long periods of time, but If I had something to distract myself with then it was bearable. Suddenly, a guy walked over to the couch I was sitting on.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here?” He said with a bright smile. “Sure, knock yourself out.” I responded. I wondered how many people were coming to the dinner and If I was going to be squished near the arm chair of the couch later on. “So, are you looking forward to the dinner?” I asked while looking through my Facebook messages.

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By that evening, each of the guests finally arrived. The final guest to arrive, didn’t even have the chance to mingle with the others since just after her arrival, dinner was ready. The butler escorted them all into a room scarcely decorated room with a dining table at the center. At each place setting was a name card for where each guest should sit. As soon as they were all seated, they were instructed to each place their phones inside a basket so they could not access them while they were there. The dinner, a chicken dish for each person along with glasses for wine, was brought out, and then two new individuals entered the room and sat at the ends of the table, Alec and Serephine.

“Welcome everyone. I’m glad to see you were all able to make it here tonight. I’m Seraphine Carlyle, and that is my brother, Alec. Eat, then we will begin our game.”

ORP: Take one last chance to speak to the other guests before the game, or to interact with Alec and/or Sera. Your characters actions could provide opportunities for certain characters to earn rewards before the game even begins.

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