Would you spend a full night inside of a haunted house if someone paid you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and honestly I don’t know what I would do. I want to say yes because I’m really interested in things like that but… do I really want to do that? I get scared easily but I think I would actually like it if I was with a group of people

What about you? Would you spend a full night inside of a haunted house if someone paid you?


As a person who is scared of ghosts and honestly I think a ghost is gonna kill me all the time anyway I absolutely would stay in a haunted house :joy: In order to manage my fear I have to tell myself if a ghost was gonna kill me it would have done by now regardless of where I am

However, if a place has a real history of everybody who stays there dies or has a horrible accident then I wouldn’t go because something dodgy is going on there.



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I need money
So yes highkey night night
I’ll bring a stuffie and I’ll be good :+1:t5:


I would and just sleep there because why not :relieved:

Idk… I mean with me it really is a matter of personal safety since I’m very sensitive to paranormal things. I feel the energy of places and if there’s something bad I physically can’t stay there.

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Y e s .

I would. Just not alone. But with someone/people I trust with me I certainly would just fine.

No. Not at all :fearful:

I’m saying this now but I would probably contemplate about it if it was a lot of money lol.

For da money?

Of course

yes 'cause it’s only one night and nothing too spooky happens on the first night

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