Would you want a Gangster & Dolls-themed RP/SG? How & Why?

When it comes to gang-related rp’s I think we can all agree that it’s been a genre that has been used to much, most people are a little sick of it. How often have you not seen stories on Episode, Wattpad or wherever that was: “Me and the gang leader” or “Gangleader Love”.

Personally, I think there are still things that could be used for an interesting rp. Something like a ‘westside story’ spinoff or a little bit like Las Levendas that @sunflower.flow tried to redo again.

I would love to see someone try the genre and create something we haven’t seen before.

@RPers , Would you want a Gangster & Dolls-themed RP/SG? How & Why?


So @OhSumana and I have been doing a gang-related rp in PM for about 3 years now (might be a little longer or shorter). In that time we’ve had many people pop in and out, and even tried a public version with thanks of a person who’s no longer on the forum. The public rp was called Greenstead and it was basically just the same world as our pm was in. It was free to play world but we’d hoped it would help with the forum activity because it was an rp we’re still playing so it would help a lot with the activity, but it would be weird to move public all of a sudden.


like…the show Guys and Dolls?

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uhm idk what that is, sorry :grimacing:

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look up the synopsis

YES! I’d LOVE to do one. I tried once with @jaytastic on EF. We planned it all out, set it up, and even started it with everyone, but we all got busy and only got through the RP morning.