Writer's Block - 9 Incredible Tips

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9 Incredible Tips to help you tackle Writer’s Block right now!


I used to never get writer’s block until half a year ago. I guess it’s because I always loved reading and read a lot which always inspired me and gave me new ideas. Now, whenever I get writer’s block I try some of the tricks. “People-watch” seems to help me most but it still takes one or two days to really work. Looking at other kinds of art also helps me a bit, but I think that one loses it’s effectiveness if you use it too often :sweat_smile:


That’s really awesome that they’re working for you! Do you remember how you felt the first time you ever got writers block? :eyes:

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Like banging my head on a wall :joy:

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A remastered version of the illustration in this article, for anyone interested :eyes:


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Idk if this is relevant as well, I still need to read through it,

Idk if my phone is the only one that has it but during the reading on my phone, a part of the layout is always following while scrolling down


Yeah, the header does this to me on my phone sometimes too.


I have that problem too when I try to read on my phone :eyes:


I don’t write stories but I do art, and when I just don’t have any inspiration I find myself in a cafe drawing random people. It is fun and different so I really love the “people-watching” tip, I can see how it could be helpful!

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it’s a great article!
ngl i just re-read it this time to procrastinate on the things i have to write due today but it actually got me in the right “i’m gonna create something, heck yes” mood i needed, which tbh is very good
i want to add
at the intro, Shannii mentions

you can’t make the creativity-rain fall on command

and yeah, that’s true, you can’t force creativity
but you can still gently nudge it and and poke at it, and most of the time it gives results (to me at least)

i’m a literature student, which means i have to produce A LOT of essays all the time, so i had to find a method to force myself to produce even when i’m blocked
i found that, in my case, having a ritual helps a lot to jumpstart creativity
my ritual includes making myself a cup of tea, putting some particular music and getting myself something to chew on
that helps my brain adapt to the “we’re gonna work” mindset, and while i’m getting ready for it, i try to come up with different ways a sentence or an idea could work
usually, after i’m done with my ritual i only have a sentence or two done, but having that helps me continue with the process

also, i think it’s important to make the distinction between writer’s block, procrastination and burnout
all three are very real problems for me when it comes to writing, both academic and creative stuff
all these tips help with writers block, and the ritual thing helps with procrastination as well
but when it comes to burnout, the best thing is to completely take a break from things, otherwise you’d be stretching yourself too thin and nothing good can come out of that, so if you ever feel like you need a break, listen to your body, you produce your best works when you’re in a healthy state, both physically and mentally

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Oh wow, I’ve never thought of the personality test as a trick to really understand my character better. Now that’s a hack that I’ll be keeping in mind. These tips are really helpful. :exploding_head: