Writing a character's thoughts

Is there a proper way to write a character’s thoughts? I just leave the formatting as is, with no quotation marks or italics. Am I wrong for that? Here’s an example:

Normally, she could get up a flight of stairs with effort, but it was slow going and today it was raining. I’m already soaked, she reasoned, but I’m not sure I want to go in.


I don’t think it’s wrong? But I prefer to see them italicized :eyes:


Yep. Other than that, you’re all good!


I think so too as well because It will enhance the writing more so readers can tell the difference easily, but it’s still up to you if you want to do it that way or not. I Still see nothing wrong in leaving it just the way it is.

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A big problem with italicizing is that I have to strip all formatting to paste into Wattpad. If I don’t, it’s a huge mess when I hit “Publish”.

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Ahh well then stick with your formatting since it works best for you. What matters more is what you write.

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I’m never sure how to add characters’ thoughts. I used to just add them in “…” and then write something like ‘they thought’. I’ll try using italics now to see if that looks better

I guess it’s different depending on the platform you use. In traditional writing, I usually use italics when it’s a conversation and the person is thinking something while another person is speaking. For example:

“Maybe we could have coffee together sometime,” he said.
I tried to hide my excitement. Was he really asking me out? Yes, of course! How about tomorrow? I wanted to say. But trying to appear as cool, calm, and collected as possible, I said, “Sounds great! Let me know when you’re available.”

Now, on Episode, you can show a character’s thoughts in a thought bubble. You just have to put the text in paretheses.

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