Writing about breakups help you to cope?

We have a thread about coping with your breakups but this one is specifically about writing as a way to cope. I’ve never had a breakup yet so I can’t talk from experience, but I know writing about it helps me cope with other situations so I’d say it could help with breakups as well.

What do you think?
Do you have any experiences with using writing to cope with breakups?


yeah I feel like it does, and it never hurts to try if your unsure about it either

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I talked to one of my friends about this and she said it made it worse for her :thinking: I wonder if it’s the same for others? I always thought that writing about something makes it easier but I guess that’s not something you can generalise.

It actually does tbh.

I know I got over my ex back in 2019 (broken up in 2018) but while I was healing, I did read a lot of Episode stories for inspiration. It has been like a year and a half since I’ve been working on my book, I do try to be consistent with it due to the fact that depression and dissociation gets in the way.

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I did actually once write my second break up as a story just to have it all written down except I made myself say all the things I’d wanted to say, that alone felt quite cathartic but obviously when the realisation hits that I’ll never get the chance to say those things, it just annoys me.

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Not in any published story no, but I think without really realizing I do use a lot of my own emotions and stuff that I’ve experienced in moments like that. And I’ve definitely written loads of breakups :upside_down_face: So no wonder 75% of my characters are overly extremely emotional about it, every break up I’ve seriously been non stop crying about it for at least 2 days :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah, with all my breakups I’ve used writing as a way to cope with it, both just to write down what happened and how I felt, but also to learn from it using my writing/RPing experience to write about what I could and should have done differently

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