Writing cliche stories on Episode

Have you ever written a cliche story on Episode?
What was it about?
Are you still writing it or did you stop?

I have written a cliche story on Episode, it was one of those bad boy gang stories. But I really tried my best not to make it too cliche :joy: I guess it’s still very cliche but I liked it and enjoyed writing it. I didn’t continue it because I left Episode.


A long time ago, I wrote a pretty cliche story that was going to be romantic drama and have like a harem of guys… I forgot what was going to happen in it and I try to forget it ever happened.


Omg yes!!! I wrote a cliche story before. It was so cringey, but surprisingly it got 2k reads- I never finished it though. And I never will :joy:


@Episodians ~ Have you ever written a cliche story on Episode? Would you ever write a cliche story, if you haven’t?


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My very first story was about a group of preteen girls that make cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts for special events, and although it wasn’t really the MOST cliche story out there, some parts of it definitely were. Like in the first chapter, the girl narrating started introducing each one of her friends as they popped onto the screen. Then, in the second chapter, the group of mean girls appeared, and the narrator introduced them as each one sashayed across the screen.
Each of the girls had to find a ‘date’ for some school dance, so basically each chapter was about the girls trying to ask a guy out. Only one of them wanted to go to the dance with her friends instead of inviting a random boy to the dance.


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