Writing Competition March 2020

March 2020 Writing Competition!

Welcome to the second writing competition of 2020. Apologies for not organizing it last month, I had a lot going on but I’m fully back and settled again and ready to go! As you’ve noticed we start a bit earlier to make up for not organizing it last time.

The entries will be both judged on a community vote and a judging panel consisting of staff members (and normally the previous winner but considering @WritingWithStars won last time). The judges will vote according to the following rubric:

You will strictly have until the 25th of March to enter your stories for this month. After that we will post a poll for community vote and the judges will be voting to decide the winner.

This month’s details

The theme of this week is strange and peculiar, as decided by @WritingWithStars, besides that we expect between 500 and 2000 words, so a short story.

Prizes are the writer of the month badge, a shout out on our Instagram and the honor of coming up with the next theme and joining our judges for April.

Looking forward to seeing some amazing entries and feel free to ask questions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::purple_heart:


Awesome :smiley_cat:

Bump! I really want to see some strange stories lol.

Do you have to say your entering or PM it?

I believe the posts just go here.

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Bump! Any1??

I may just join this one! :blush::hibiscus:

Entries are due in 4 days!

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Is there like a sign up to join?

No, you can just post your entry here!

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Ok thanks

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Totally forgot about this

Whelp… Bump?

Since nobody joined this one, I guess we should just close it and start again next month? @Jass

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Hahaha, yeah, sounds great. I haven’t really been advertising much tho :see_no_evil:

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Closed because no one entered.