Writing Exercises: Do It With A Picture #5

Writing Exercises: Do It With A Picture #5

Heyy there. Welcome back to the 5th writing exercise, do it with a picture. I decided to continue it in order to focus on the writing ection of the forums.

For those who don’t know what it is, i give you a picture and you can describe it or make a story out of it. It’s for practising your writing and improving it.

So here is the pics. I decided to add 2

Picture 1

Picture 2

Have fun and let your imagination run wild


They say, The Road cannot be crossed by anyone from each sides. Miko, like any other dystopians, have lived all his life suffering from the chaos that lingered in his world, and his only wish was to cross The Road and see what it feels like being a Utopian.

One day, he’s got enough. He visited The Road, his feet standing only an inch from the said border. Staring at the green lands of Utopia, a smile crossed her lips. The skies were blue, there were trees, and there was… peace—something a dystopian like him can never experience even in death. Utopia was the definition of perfection, a heavy contrast compared to Dystopia.

“I wish I was born a utopian…” Miko muttered, taking steps further until her reached The Road. Doing so somehow made him feel easy instead of nervous and happy instead of sad, feelings that made him feel more welcomed to cross the border.

He took another step forward, and his brows furrowed in confusion when he ended up alive being there unlike the stories that his people told him. They all said he was going to die if he crossed The Road, and that’s exactly why no one dared enter Utopia through it.

Miko turned his attention to what’s in front of him again, continuing his small steps until he reached Utopia. The desperateness in him was the one that urged him to do so, and he could only follow it for himself. Something was telling him that his life might just become easier and more manageable, and that’s just what he wants in his life.

After all, there’s no harm in trying… right?


Cara dela Cruz prefers books more than reality. She yearns to live in a magical world, where she thinks life can be easier. She yearns for the perfect man—tall, handsome, powerful, knight in shining armour. She just yearns for it… and she never would think for it to happrn when she finds the strange book of Majikus.


There is something about this place… that called to Selene. That called to everyone, it seems. The wind made her shiver and lightly brushed the beautiful plants on the Other. She watched them, mesmerized. They were yellow, so yellow that they looked to be touched by the Sun itself. She found her hand touching the soft petals. They were coated with dewdrops. It had either lightly rained the other day, or this was how all plants just were in the morning.
The clouds on the Other were white and fluffy, as if one could go up and touch them. They looked like a thousand feathers grouped together. She had almost never seen such texture before. The sky is what she looked to next. It was blue… They only had such colors saved for the coloring books children would use, or flashy new toys for the Riches.
She felt it looking over her and a growing sense of dread starting a growing knot in her stomach. She looked behind her. It isn’t a person. It is a Scare. The Scare has an animal mask and has a cloak around itself. It carries a long It stands behind her, patiently. It will wait forever, it has to. She wish Scares were always this patient, because this is the only time they are. It still makes her uneasy, though.
She stands up, slowly, and looks towards her home. Her eyebrows furrow as the familiar sense of putrid gas and ash float their way towards her. She calls this place home, but, it isn’t one. It’s lands are barren, with hardly any natural grass in sight. The Riches get grass, flowers, you name it, anything they want is simulated… But anyone that can’t pay for that? They see reality. She doesn’t know why anyone would want to see anything but reality. It’s hard, but it’s a truth. She’d rather see an ugly, crying, screaming reality than being stuck in some sickly sweet fantasy land.
She turns to the Scare. She’s made her decision.
The last thing she sees is the scythe clatter to the ground. When she gets back home she’ll wonder why the Scare even brought it in the first place.


The world had always seemed so plain, dull and lifeless plants covered the landscapes without buildings or animals to interrupt the hills and grasses. A set of minor gods had been given the world and were responsible for the design. Like opening a book, they started creating all of the features of the world and setting them loose into it. The world quickly filled with waters and plants, which started to take over the entire landscape.


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