Writing Goals 2020

Do you have any writing Goals 2020, or have you completed any even?

Writing goals can be anything you want to aim for in your writing. Whether it be finishing your story or publishing it, to trying to finish off a particularly hard scene this month or developing a character further. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, they’re all important and will help you as @Writers. (wink)

So what goals have you already or are you trying to focus on before the year is over?


My goal is to at least a quart or half of my novel done this year.


Nice. What steps do you have in place to complete this?

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My writing goals for the rest of the year:

Non-RP related: Take the many things I have part way written, And make a decent amount of progress on them. Finish the Halloween party story I’ve been posting, and though this last one is a long shot, finish the adventurer story (first part of this one is posted as well) I’ve been writing.

RP Related: Get my RPs on their feet and rolling, finish the posts for the Rebirth thread, finish the scenes I have planed for my CHB characters’ pasts, and start/post for both my SGs (Hopefully not completely bomb them).


Well, I want to write every day, and I am going to plan out the rest of the book in the next few weeks.

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Maybe get into an RP?

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Closed due to inactivity, and the new year is up!

New Year, New Goals :white_heart: