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Greetings. My fourum disk is huge. Feel free to check it out!

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So, I had a few ideas for when Charles and Jean meet Xander. So, in X-Men when they find Logan, Jean puts him in the machine that pinpoints the mutation (which happened to be his skeleton, which is how they saw it was coated in adamantium). Basically, I would like a scene where they figure out exactly what it is he can do and more importantly…how. So, maybe that machine and another one where he can stand up and they can observe what happens on a cellular level when he gets a new ability. I have a full explanation for what happens when I thought of this character. Maybe Jean and Charles could both take turns explaining:

Possible dialogue

“When put in the X-Ray, it appears the abilities he’s copied are in very specific places, perhaps the exact same places as ours are, which could explain how he’s able to do exactly what we can.”

“Son, Ms. Grey is going to put you in another machine so we can observe what exactly happens when you receive another ability.”

“Remarkable! It seems his DNA can copy the genetic code the skin cells have and recode his current DNA sequence with the ability he is copying.”

Two tears streamed down Charles’s face as he took his fingers away from his temple. “You, poor poor, child. I’m so very sorry for the unimaginable pain…Shut it down, Jean, We have a lot to discuss.”

Or maybe something else, I’d be happy to work with you both on this and provide more information if required.

@GlitterFist @ForeverAngel


That’s amazing. You put a lot of thought into this!

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I just tried to imagine what would happen if evolution happened instantly and thought it’d be incredibly painful.

Makes sense

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Random thought: Spongebob is a mutant who can regenerate entire limbs rapidly (sponges don’t really have organs like most other creatures), duplicate himself, sustain himself without food and drink by filtering the water around him, absorb a certain degree of damage (punches, etc.), change into various shapes and sizes, absorb water to make himself stronger, and many other abilities. :thinking:


brain explodes

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Sounds like a good idea!

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Just curious, did you have an idea for when the new day is?

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