Your dream pet that you want

What pet would you love to have but you can’t?

I would love a rabbit but I just do not have the space for the hutch :disappointed_relieved:


In a few years I would love a dog but I don’t have the space now :sob:

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I’d love a dog but nobody in my house is home enough plus no space :eyes:

My Dad doesn’t like them…

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I could easily get a cat though

Unicorns :unicorn::see_no_evil::joy:

I always wanted a horse, but that’s way too expensive :sweat_smile:
And I’d love to get rats but I’m still living with my Mum and she doesn’t like them :upside_down_face:


Yeah a unicorn is a fantasy of mine too

It would be so rad

But they’re rare af

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Yeah that makes sense, and why does your dad not like them?

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Ohhh, a horse is something I want as well, haha, I wanna live kinda farm in a few years and have my own horse and a dog there :see_no_evil:

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Because his hobby is running and in the park the owners tend to let them off the lead and they run up to him which he finds irritating.

I get it but at the same time the park is welcome to all.

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Yeah I get that’s annoying but that’s more the mistake of the owners than the dogs, like if that happens the owners don’t control their dog…

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Yeah exactly I wish he didn’t blame the dog when it is literally the behaviour of the owner

my dream pet is a dog… but I already have 2 (in my house and at my grandparent’s) of them and I’ll be getting a puppy soon

Tbh since it for pets that we can’t have, I would say a turtle, my cousin has one but it, not mine ;-;

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I want a bunny :eyes::heart::rabbit::rose::two_hearts:

A lion. :lion:

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You’re going to be his/hers next meal :eyes: :poultry_leg: :meat_on_bone: :cut_of_meat:

I would love a snake, mainly because they seem noice. Unfortunately any cage/terrarium pets are a no go because cats.

We had a tortoise when I was younger, I think it was my uncles when he was little. I’d love a tortoise, but I vaguely remember something about keeping them being bad.

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Snakes are rad I’ve held quite a few :eyes:

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I would like a monkey but I don’t want to strip them away from their natural habitat.
The main reason is that they’re dying so quickly due to deforestation, plus they’re hella cute :sob:

A ferret, bunny, or a puppy. :pleading_face:

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A dog!!

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