Your thoughts on EU?

What pros/cons do you see?
Does it do more good or bad?
Brexit thoughts?
Your overall stance on international coalitions of countries?


So I’m an EU fan, personally. I did my reading up on the EU’s relationship especially with Britain and how it is pretty much wholly beneficial. But I can still see negatives (Because thinking one way of life would be entirely without negative aspects is being painfully naive).

The pros, granted, are mostly things that don’t affect the every day life and living of the average person all that much. Though there are aspects to this that do affect the working folks. Trade, international trade especially, is very, very difficult to set up and keep moving without something like the EU, and the way the EU works with this is extremely good. To the point that the vast majority of the food imports of the UK may just disappear due to rising costs and loss of certain trade deals, and we’d need to replace it with horrible American food, which I’m not a fan of.

A pro and con is also how easy it is to travel within the EU. It’s extremely easy to travel between different EU countries and go to school or work abroad, compared to going outside the EU. Immigration is also affected by this. Inter-EU immigration is quite high, though this is a good thing as well. There are countless studies and factual historic proofs that immigration is inherently helpful to a country’s economy. Under captialism though… Not so much. Cheaper workers are always prioritised over better workers, cheaper and better? Well, why wouldn’t they be hired? This creates a certain amount of well-founded hostility and an economic strain in the short term that only evens itself out in the long-term. A long-term that most average people do not care about.

Definitely more good than bad. There are bad aspects of course, but countries don’t lose their state autonomy and ease of travel, easier inter-EU immigration, better trade deals and of course, more funding for beneficial global research is always a positive imo.

The UK hasn’t had a good prime minister in history, Brexit was a horrible idea and the people perpetuating it are living in a dream land. It was designed to be a way for the rich to avoid taxes easier, and idiots bought into it. It only benefits the very rich

Mixed bag. It makes a lot of things easier, but also… That’s a lotta power. And people in general do have a history of misusing large sums of power


The brexit thing, we’ll… let’s just say very… calmly fcuk it all!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Leaving with a deal is very beneficial to my family’s business, but leaving without means we loose everything…


Is the EU entirely good? Hell no. Can Britain do a lot more good in terms of changing things on the inside rather than on the outside? Definitely


Ain’t no supporter of EU simply because i hate euros i want drachma and there are a lot more reasons which i don’t know

doesn’t make sense

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This is interesting, and I never thought about it all that much. Can y’all give me more info about the EU?

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I think it’s a nice idea but that it could still be improved :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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I don’t think it’s really bad.

I think that such a large and diverse, economically,socially and culturally group is a bad idea to manage by the existing system (not sure there is a better alternative), even with the proportionate representation of included countries representatives. Like… Imagine 2 families, that have different income, habits, values, mentality, number of members, deciding to make a union. So as family A has 3 fam members, they assign 1 representative, and family B having 2 grown-ups and 7 kids, assign 3 representatives. So technically every household is equally represented, but you can guess how decisions will be made. And we are not even talking about export/import quotas, thar just FIY completely killed manufacturing in my country, climate related laws, migrant quotas etc. How well do you think it’ll work? I’ll tell you - it won’t.

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How do we feel about the EU in relation to corona? Do they actually work together or is every country just prioritizing itself and do we forget about the EU a little?

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